The Benefits of Using Eco Baby Wipes + FAQ

Wet baby wipes are a popular product today, but how much do you really know about these convenient pieces? What year were baby wipes invented?

The technology to create disposable cloths featuring a solution with gentle cleansing ingredients was developed in the late 1970s, and the first baby wipe product was launched on the market soon after that. Originally, due to the high cost of the specialized equipment necessary to produce this product, a few leading brands dominated the market, including Pampers and Huggies. As technology evolved and become more available, smaller brands began to appear.

What are baby wipes used for?

Nowadays, baby wipes are among the most useful baby care products. Their purpose is to make wiping the baby’s bottom easier and more convenient when still using diapers. The skin around a baby’s diaper area is often exposed to all kinds of nasties which can be hard to clean thoroughly. This is one of the main reasons why most babies experience at least one case of diaper rash.

Effective prevention and treatment of diaper rash require frequently changing and cleansing to remove urine and poop enzymes from the skin. It’s important to thoroughly clean the skin after each diaper change. Using a gentle wipe can help make this task a lot easier. These products also help in maintaining the personal hygiene of the baby. Cleaning their vomit or wiping their face and hands are some of the other purposes of using baby wipes.

While these products are undoubtedly convenient and make parents’ life a lot easier, there is one problem – they are not good for the environment. Even wipes made of fabric usually contain plastic blinders that make them non-biodegradable. According to research, it could take up to 100 years or more for wet wipes to disappear from landfills. To make things worse, many people flush wipes down the toilet, so they end up clogging servers, damaging marine life and polluting the beaches.

Fortunately, there are companies committed to producing eco baby wipes. One of the latest innovation in this industry is bamboo baby wipes. They are a real game-changer as they are great both for babies’ delicate skin and the environment. Bamboo baby wipes are made of 100% natural and renewable bamboo fibre materials. They are dermatologically-tested and carefully formulated to be gentle on the baby’s skin.

As you probably know, bamboo has several qualities that make it a greener solution than the rest of the materials. For starters, bamboo wipes are very soft, which is surely an essential quality when using them on your baby. They are more durable and resistant, results in a proper cleanup. Furthermore, they are naturally hypoallergenic, which means they don’t cause any allergies. This is very important since these wipes are most often used on the baby’s genitals.

In order to be more eco friendly, some people to turn to water and washcloths for cleaning their baby. However, water can’t remove the oily substances from the skin easily, and water alone doesn’t provide pH-buffering action. So, biodegradable baby wipes are your best option. You can find them in most local or specialised baby care online stores.

Can you use water wipes on baby face?

That is a common question among parents and the answer is absolutely yes! Bamboo wipes contain soothing aloe vera and no parabens or alcohol, which makes them perfect for sensitive areas such as your baby’s face. Perfect for freshening up during the day, eco baby wipes provide a gentle clean that you can not get from other types of wipes.

Can you use baby wipes to remove makeup?

Although baby wipes aren’t formulated to remove makeup, they are great in removing makeup as well. Cleansing wipes designed for makeup removal contain specific chemicals that help break down the makeup. Still, some women prefer using eco baby wipes.

How to keep baby wipes moist?

When baby wipes aren’t kept moist, they become unusable, costing you more money and forcing you to use more wipes. So, every time you finish using them, make sure you properly close the package. This will not only extend their lifespan but it will also make them more effective when you use them.


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