Beach Towels: Mark Your Spot on the Sand in Style

The beach is always a good idea, regardless of whether it takes hopping on a plane to get to it or just a 20-minute walk. Even though you might not consider yourself to be a sea-lover, going to the beach will not only benefit your tan and overall looks but will also improve your mood and brighten up your day. If you can’t take my word for it, there’s also tons of research and studies that have been done to prove just how going to the beach benefits your well-being.

Some of the benefits include reduced stress, reduced depression and insomnia symptoms, a daily dose of vitamin D, fresh sea air which clears the lungs, prevention of muscle cramps, etc. So, now that you know how healthy a visit to the beach can be, all that is missing is your beach bag and the must-have beach essentials. This includes your sunscreen, sunglasses, headphones for music, a magazine or a good book, a beach umbrella and last but definitely not least – a beach towel. You can find these in your local store, or even better – online at great prices. 

Now let’s focus on the beach towel.

How to Pick the Right Beach Towel?

beach towel on sand and sea in background

A trip to the beach without a beach towel sounds almost impossible, right? That’s because your beach towel is the perfect beach pal. You can freely go about your day while your buddy makes sure you have a great time by taking care of you. Here’s how. 

First of all, your beach towel makes the beach a lot comfier. By putting it on your sunbed, you can make a nice soft place to rest after a long swim, or to just sunbathe and enjoy yourself! Also, instead of a sunbed, you can lay on the sand, thanks to your bud. Just spread your beach towel and place it where you plan to lay down. Another obvious way your beach towel can be of use is drying you and shielding you from the cold winds. By wrapping it around you, not only do you feel cozy and dry, but it also makes sure you don’t freeze. 

There are many other ways in which beach towels can be used, but we’ll get into that later. When it comes to buying, there are tons of online stores where you can find a large assortment of beach towel for sale that’s perfect for your needs and taste. But, how do you pick the right one? Well, there are a lot of things to consider.

Find the Right Material

Quality beach towels differ from other towels by the way they were made. They are made from materials that are excellent water absorbers. Unlike in the shower where you use a bath towel to dry off a couple of drops of water, on the beach you will need a towel that will absorb the excess water while not getting all soaked up itself. For this purpose, you have to look for a luxury beach towel that is made of pure cotton or terry cloth. They are the best materials you should look for in the market and the most natural ones.

Choose the Perfect Size

Always go for the bigger size when searching for beach towels. Regardless of what you need it for, or if you think a small one will do just fine, it’s always best to get a big one. It’s suitable for anyone, it can wrap around you perfectly and you can use it for numerous other things! Bigger towels also absorb more water.

Balancing Between Quality and Price

Choose wisely when it comes to quality and price. You might think that getting a cheaper beach towel can be much more convenient, but it will certainly not be of good quality. Also, a pricey beach towel isn’t always a good one. You have to be careful when choosing. Just make sure it’s a quality towel with an appropriate price tag and you’ll be good to go.

Picking the Best Colour

Finally, another thing you have to decide on is what will your towel look like? Would you like it to be pink, blue or a rainbow mix design? After all, what’s the point of getting a beach towel if it doesn’t look cool and if you don’t like it? The design and colour not only matters for your taste, but it can also make sure your towel stands out on the beach so you can find your spot easier. 

Other Uses of Beach Towels

blue and white beach towel on chair

As we mentioned above, there are other ways to use your favourite beach towel. Sure, the name labels it as a beach essential, but there are many more uses for it. Here’s a short list:

·         Substitute bath towel;

·         A back-up table cloth for the beach or even at home;

·         A perfect cover for heated-up car seats in the summer;

·         The perfect decoration for your living room couch or dining room table;

·         An amazing beach outfit;

·         A shield from the hot sun.

Bottom Line 

Whether it’s for a trip to the beach, for a bath or for a nice picnic, beach towels are a must-have item for summer. They can be used for many things, they are affordable and are a great investment. So, go ahead and pick your favourite luxury beach towel for sale and be prepared for your next summer adventures!

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