Hitting the Beach to Enjoy a Relaxing Sunbath

Some people don’t mind dwelling in gloomy rainy days, but others think of them as living nightmares, hoping and waiting impatiently for the sun to come out and save the day. These persons, however, don’t despise this weather without a reason. As some researchers believe, when it gets dark(er), our brain starts producing melatonin or the hormone of darkness, as some people like to call it. This hormone, aside from cooling our bodies down and helping us fall asleep, is thought to make us feel depressed. Sunlight, on the other hand, triggers changes in our brain that put us in a positive, cheerful mood. That’s precisely why we ought to seize every opportunity we have to expose ourselves to it.


When it comes to enjoying a long, relaxing sunbath, I believe that every Australian’s favourite place for that is the beach. Spending an hour or two at the beach, be it alone or with your loved ones, is an incredibly effective way to get your mind off your everyday worries and unwind. I don’t know about you, but I must admit that escaping to the beach to listen to the soul-soothing sounds of the waves while the Sun gently kisses my skin is the first option I choose when I’m feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. This is when a beach mat, a sun cream, and a refreshing smoothie is all I need to have a pleasant time and forget about everything and everyone else (just for a short while, of course).

Although I truly love spending time at the beach, there’s one thing that annoys me and used to ruin my sunbathing sessions – the sand. Yes, I’m well aware that beaches and sands go hand in hand (at least most of the time), but that doesn’t change the fact that lying on a mat that’s covered with sand can be really uncomfortable and unsanitary. If you, too, feel the same way, then I advise you to try out sandless beach mats. I have and I’m so glad about it.

Quality sandless beach mats have multi-weave layers that trap the sand (or any other similar substance, for that matter) underneath the mat, which means that it falls right through it and doesn’t come back up. These popular beach mats are very easy to clean, don’t weigh much (usually around 3 kg), and they are also environmentally friendly. Yes, they are much more expensive than the regular beach mats, but they are worth every single dollar. Trust me, if you are a passionate Sun and beach lover, then you definitely deserve one.


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