Bathroom Decor 101: Five Ways to Make Your Bathroom Ultra-Modern

Bathrooms are one of the most frequently used rooms in the house. And aside from a regular cleaning routine to keep things shiny and new, a thoughtful design also plays a role in a clean, fresh-feeling bathroom.

Due to their cool materials, modern lighting, and cutting-edge plumbing and technology, modern bathrooms strike the ideal balance between form and function. Modern design is also simple to pull off regardless of the size or shape of your bathroom area, whether it be a large or little, wet room or en-suite.

And, if you don’t know how to make your bathroom look modern, the following guidelines might help you out.

Put the Focus on the Bathtub

Drop in bath

Finding the right bathtub for your ultra-modern bathroom can be a daunting task. However, a premium and modern drop in bath tub translates to ultimate convenience and style. The drop-in bathtubs are great at retaining the water inside the tub because they have a raised rim over the platform or surround.

Due to this, they are preferred by folks who enjoy taking long soaks in deep water without worrying about overflowing the bathroom. Sculpted bathing wells, pillows, aromatherapy, built-in heaters, strategically positioned cascading waterfalls, and even sound systems are opulent elements that a modern drop in bath may include in addition to jets.

In terms of material, the majority of drop in bathtubs are made of acrylic, which makes them sturdy and durable yet lightweight. Other material options that go well with your ultra-modern bathroom décor include the ones made of copper which are timelessly beautiful and durable, the sturdy cast iron tubs which are known for their excellent heat retention, as well as the lightweight and durable drop-in tubs made of fibreglass.

On the other hand, tubs made of stone, precisely man-made stone, or solid surface will give you a unique intake to your modern approach. As for the shape, most of the drop-in bathtubs are standard rectangular shapes, but they come in almost every shape imaginable.

For extra bathing space, choose a corner drop-in bathtub or an oval or hourglass one for aesthetic appeal and a contoured shape. Modern bathrooms also complement well with a round or square drop in bath tub for a deep, compact bathing experience. The best thing yet? They may also be inexpensively and simply replaced and incorporated into an existing surround.

Add a Hint of Personality with a Playful Wallpaper

Decorative wallpaper

Even the blandest white spaces can be given new life with a hint of colour. Therefore, a fun and vivid bathroom wallpaper can be a real game changer in modern bathrooms. It’s a terrific way to add more colour to the area while also shielding the lowest portion of the wall from scrapes and splashes.

When narrowing down your choices try wallpaper with a strong, hot-house motif in a small bathroom or a sophisticated navy blue or emerald green, adding a lush, leafy blind at the window and potted palm trees scattered throughout the space. In addition, wallpapers are a great method to draw attention in a bathroom especially when the floor becomes the focal point and makes the rest of the room feel smaller.

Another great way to give life to your modern bathroom walls is to take design cues from warmer climates and transform your bathroom into a vibrant Miami-themed space. Bright, fun bathroom wallpaper choices are the ideal remedy for dark rooms and will instantly perk up a dreary bathroom.

Large panels, circles, or arching areas such as bubble-gum pink, mint green, ocean blue, and soft coral are also valuable wallpaper options. Wherever you can, incorporate some art deco style curves to make a stronger statement. Vivid wallpapers can also go well with curved sinks which can serve as a stunning focal point or be surrounded by a variety of accent pieces, such as floor rugs, brilliant ceramics, and lighting fixtures in the shape of globes and circles.

Make the Flooring Worth to Remember

Decorative floor tiles

Remodelling the floor with striking, eye-catching tiles will give your modern bathroom ideas an additional edge. Terrazzo bathroom flooring is the ideal pick-me-up for a basic environment that is begging for a splash of colour because of its colourful, shattered impact.

Select a terrazzo colour that goes well with your wall colour. Then choose two or three dominant colours from the tile to utilize on the bathroom accessories, including the toiletries, towels, and cabinets.

On the other hand, marble is still very popular and a great way to add glitz and elegance to contemporary bathroom designs. By combining a marble floor or tiled splashback with glossy white tiles and matt black painting, you may create a monochromatic colour scheme with contrast and edge.

For an opulent appearance that won’t go out of style, choose large-format marble bathroom floor tiles. Using larger tiles will result in fewer grout lines, a cleaner finish, and a more upscale appearance.

Soft and Soothing Schemes Are Everything

Modern bathroom designs frequently feature a lot of straight lines and hard surfaces, which can give the room a cold, clinical feeling. Introduce colours with warm undertones which help provide a cosy vibe to the area and take away any chilliness, to soften a harsh colour scheme.

Add lots of tactile textures with bathroom accessories such as woven basket ware, as well as plush towels, soft bathrobes and thick mats to further lighten the mood.

Don’t Forget the Greenery

Bathroom greenery wall

One of the latest bathroom trends is to bring the outdoors inside. A neutral colour palette creates the ideal serene backdrop and can be brought to life with pops of vibrant green on furnishings, wall art, and tile, as well as additional colour from plants and vegetation.

Because of the high humidity levels found there, bathrooms can be a paradise for plants and other vegetation. Additionally, choosing models that remove dangerous chemicals from the air will make the area healthier. Try hanging plants and wall-hung baskets to display trailing foliage so that surfaces can be kept clear.


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