Ways to Spruce up Your Hallway

A clean and organised home means a happy home. The number of people who feel entirely happy and fulfilled in their abode when seeing it clean, well-organised and stylish is huge, and this is completely understandable. But to be able to truly use it and enjoy it to its fullest, you’ll need to declutter it and make it as warm and comfy as possible.

And what better way to start than with the hallway?! In the end, the hallway is the first thing you see when entering your home, so it’s more than understandable that you need to keep it stylish, organised and functional. Don’t be afraid to browse, try and experiment with things since all of them can help you get to the ideal solution for your walk-through-home area.

Ways to Spruce Up a Hallway

Add a Unique Hallway Runner

hallway runner
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Being an easy solution to spruce up this area, practical hallway runners can bring lots of warmth, softness and personality. They’re a stylish way to customise your home and instantly add style. They’re also a brilliant way to add softness underfoot while transforming those otherwise long, narrow and boring spaces in the home.

Today’s hallway rug runners are available in infinite colours and patterns and are an extremely easy and prompt way to update the look and feel of this particular space in the abode. Given the fact that hallways are considered high-traffic areas, you should choose a runner that’s made from quality and sturdy material. While these runners can be layered on carpets, if planning to add them on a stone or wooden floor, you should look for a design with anti-skid underlay to prevent slippage.

Aside from aesthetically transforming the space by bringing texture, colour, and décor to empty zones like the hallway, these runners can also protect the flooring, since the floor here can be easily damaged from constant wear and tear. The hall runner rugs are available in a large selection of materials, thicknesses, colours, designs and sizes, allowing you to pick the right type for your hall without a hassle.

Depending on your personal taste and style, you can choose from the large selection of minimalist hallway runners with minimal or no pattern at all, as well as patterned runners, colourful ones, etc. The list is huge, you just need to carefully consider all of the design, colour and material options and choose the one that’ll best improve the look of your hallway without overdoing things. One thing is certain, regardless of the type and design you opt for, you’ll certainly improve the look of your entryway.

Add a Console Table

console table in the hallway
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Whether your hallway is little or not, adding a hall console table is another way to dress up an entryway. Usually placed against the wall and near the door, a hall console table is a versatile, slim and tall table that can also find a place in other room areas like the dining room and living room.

These entryway tables are functional and stylish, and they’re also great for setting up the tone for the rest of the home design. Contemporary, modern, industrial, traditional and rustic are just some of the many styles you can choose from, and the type you choose should mainly depend on your personal taste and the rest of your home décor.

As for the design you choose, they can come with or without drawers with the first being an option that allows you to store some of your personal belongings there. Features like drawers are perfect for keeping your keys, wallet, documents and some other bits and bolts that you don’t know where to put.

Console tables are extremely appealing on their own, but they also allow for being decorated by displaying some vases, souvenirs, ornaments of all kinds and flowers. But since these tables have a beauty of their own, make sure not to overdo things, so try to stick to the rule less is more. Many interior designers also recommend the application of a smaller table lamp when wanting to create a warmer and more inviting space.

To add a visual variety to it, you can follow the rule of three which is about displaying three different objects. If your entryway is too small, you can adorn the area above this welcoming attribute with a mirror. You can either go with a smaller round mirror or you can opt for a larger rectangular framed mirror that can give the illusion of a wider and larger hallway.

Add a Statement Wallpaper

statement wallpaper in hallway
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Adding wallpaper is another easy and fast way to completely transform the look of your entryway. Available in numerous designs, patterns, colours and hues, textured wallpapers can certainly help you elevate your hallway’s look without having to make that much of a change and investment.

If you are scared of overdoing things by choosing a wallpaper with some statement design, you can always opt for the more subtle wallpapers that can help you create a cohesive look. These wallpapers are the perfect way to add warmth and depth to halls while making them look stylish and trendy.

Given the fact that hallways can be pretty small and narrow, interior designers recommend going with a textured wallpaper that’s a few shades darker than the living spaces in your home. However, you can always go bolder and pick darker or brighter colour tones, just make sure that the chosen ones correspond to the rest of your home design and style.

The best thing about applying wallpapers is that you won’t need a professional for their application, especially if you select self-adhesive wallpapers. They’re also known as peel-and-stick wallpapers, quite similar to stickers in the ease to install and remove them.

Depending on the material you choose, wallpapers also allow for easy maintenance which isn’t the case with paint colour. Most of them are made from materials like vinyl that allow for being spot cleaned and even washed with a damp cloth in order to maintain their cleanliness.

This property in particular makes them the ideal solution for being applied on walls near shoe storage cabinets and racks. The only thing you should consider, though, before buying a wallpaper of any kind is the size (height and length) of your wall/s. This is essential for determining the number of rolls of wallpaper you’ll need.


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