Block Heels: Find Out Why You Need Them in Your Closet

As women, we are no strangers to discomfort. Heck, we trade our comfort for our looks, especially when it comes to footwear, and you don’t hear us complain about it. We do everything in our kicks, running errands, working 9-to-5 jobs, picking up kids from school, going on dates and whatnot. But that doesn’t mean we don’t pay for our fashion choices with our health.

The excess stress on the joints from wearing improper heels can lead to a scope of issues, from irritating corns, calluses, and painful bunions to unbearable foot deformities and even arthritis with time. While I understand some women simply can’t imagine giving up their stylish footwear despite all these scares or switching them with flats, my advice would be to find the middle ground. In the form of women’s shoes, that would be chunky heels.

Are Block Heels Better?

Drum roll Yes, they are. You can get your own supply of these chunky heels because they usually come with a wider base and thick width which covers the whole heel area, making them great on your ankles due to the better weight distribution. Quite different from stilettos with the thin pointy heel that fails to provide the stability and support you require.

Walking in stilettos takes some skill and practice, and if you aren’t that good at wearing them, you can get the confidence you need by investing in trendy blocks. In addition to the heel, you’re also going to love them for the many faces they appear in, from chic block pumps and mules to versatile peep-toe, ankle-strap, sling-back and platform sandals and espadrilles. I’ll have one of each, please and thank you!

chic block pumps

You can choose from a range of heel designs too, differing in height as much as thickness. Some models come with 1” heels, others are stylishly teamed up with 5-6” length heels, each of which differs in the material too, as much as in shape (e.g. square and cylindrical). So, no matter what your preference is, or the occasion you’re buying them for, you’re sure to find the perfect pair for you.

The beauty of any of these models is you don’t compromise on either your comfort or your fashion, as they bring the height you want without it being at the expense of your foot health. More in terms of fashion, they can be found in a variety of colours, with different details and adornments, plus an array of finishes ranging from matte to glossy. This shouldn’t come as a surprise that women of all ages love them – from women over 40 who take well-being seriously, to younger girls who walk in heels all day long.

How to Shop for Block Heel?

As you probably know by taking a glance at the broad array of available models of block heel sandals and pumps, blocks are big on versatility, so it’s advisable to consider a factor or two to know what it is you want and need. Things like:

  • Heel Size

Do you want something more elegant you can wear even on those special occasions, or do you prefer something more practical for your day-to-day outings? If you answered yes to the first bit, then you should get one of the designs of block pumps or sandals with medium size heels.
Although they’re taller, they won’t take a toll on your feet and would help you put your best foot forward with utmost grace and comfort. If you answered yes to the second bit, then you should get one of the designs with a wider base heel fit for all-day wear comfort, kind of like what you expect from flats but with a significantly bigger dose of class.

  • Model

This refers to the specific style of the blocks, such as pumps, mules, and a variety of sandals. If you want something fit for evening partying, medium-block sling-back models have that pizzazz you need to back you up on the fun. Ankle-strap sandals and block pumps are the in-between models you can use up for both casual and dressier occasions, whereas low-block mules are the staple you require for everyday elegance and comfort.

white block heels

How to Style Block Heels?

The supportive and stable heel, the eye-catching designs, colours, and ornaments – honestly what’s not to love about blocks!? And, when you think how easy it is to incorporate them in many of your outfits, it’s just one reason more to fall head-over-heels for them. Feeling totally stumped on ideas on how to style them?

Start with something basic yet comfortable, like a jeans + T-shirt combo. Medium-size blocks can easily elongate your legs, especially when you match them with your favourite pair of denim, which could be mum jeans, or even skinny. For a seamless outcome, use a handbag in the same colour as the blocks, or in the same colour as your top.

More of a dress kind of gal? No worries, the blocks with straps are the perfect fit for your casual dresses, could be low heel sandals or even low-heel mules. If you’re up for adding an even more feminine touch, however, choose medium blocks. For your office outfits, closed-toe, pointy-toe low blocks are the perfect match. When you’re out partying with your SO or friends, a pair of block pumps is a no-brainer pick!

However, keep in mind more formal events, like weddings, call for a more sophisticated model, like a mid-heel glass block with a glossy finish. Whether or not matched with a dress of the same finish, you can bet it would be the highlight of your ensemble. Lastly, don’t forget espadrilles when you’re looking for the kicks fit for summer beach fun paired with your best swimsuits as much as city outings for your leisure looks.


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