5 Best Men’s Boot Brands You Need to Know

The temperatures are slowly but steadily dropping. And you know what that means? You need to bring out your favourite winter-friendly attire to the front of the closet. And when it comes to winter attire, boots are definitely the essential pieces for staying warm and dry. Plus, the right design elevates your whole look and can be the centrepiece of your signature style. Unfortunately, your boots are way too damaged, so instead of the front of the closet, you need to toss them in the bin.

Boots for Men

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Because they are exposed to harsh weather, boots can wear out a lot faster than other types of footwear. So, you may find yourself having to buy new pairs each winter. If you’ve grown tired of all the wintertime shopping, this year focus your search on the best boot brands on the market that offer comfort, protection and durability. To help you, we’ve narrowed down the top brands that produce different types of boots so you can pick something that matches your style and needs perfectly.

Durango – For the Perfect Western Touch

Western-style boots are for people that are active and love individuality and standing out. If you’re one of those people, don’t think twice about investing in the high-quality leather Durango boots Australia shoe stores carry. The boots by Durango are made from the finest full-grain leather, and come in a variety of shades such as brown, black, beige and all the way to the edgy red or blue.

If you want to have a timeless look and avoid standing out too much, you can pick a more classic design like the Durango pull-on western boots. They’re all black and look incredibly sleek and masculine. These pull-on western boots feature stitching on the shaft and foot, also a cushioned insole for extra comfort and leather interior lining for extra softness. Walking in these boots is a whole other level of comfort experience.

If you want your boots to stand out and be the statement piece your outfit needs, Durango’s smooth black leather boots with a harness strap and metal hardware which have a minimalist yet distinctive look got you covered. You can also choose from the many designs that feature embroidery or fabric patches and add a boho touch to your outfits.

Thanks to the quality design of the Durango boots Australia weather will be no match for them. They come with a ventilation shaft and an air mesh lining that provides maximum airflow and breathability. On the other hand, the exterior of the boots is completely oil-proof and waterproof. As a result, your feet will stay completely dry no matter the conditions – they won’t get wet from any snow or rain or sweaty. Some Durango western boots even have a removable polyurethane footbed with memory foam for additional comfort.

Durango Boots for Men

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Good cowboy boots are some of the essential pieces for nailing the rugged country style. They can pair perfectly with just a pair of jeans and a plain white T-shirt and ensure you never look boring. And in addition to looking good and being comfortable, cowboy boots are also good for your feet’s health. The design of the cowboy boots, especially the heel lift provides the feet with proper support, preventing foot problems and bad posture.

Dr. Martens – For a Rebellious Urban Look

I don’t think there is a person out there that doesn’t recognise the famous Dr Martens boots. Their authentic black and minimalistic appearance are widely known and appreciated. It is said that people who wear Dr Martens boots have authentic characters, have a rebellious spirit and are not afraid to stand up for themselves.

Dr Martens boots started off as boots for the working class and boots that people were wearing while gardening. But then, this utilitarian boot became one of the most culturally relevant brands in present times.

Dr. Martens Boots for Men

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Dr Martens boots are made from pure leather, with a soft console that offers support and comfort, welted constructions and recognisable yellow stitching. The classic docs boots have a black colour but with the production expanding nowadays you can find plenty of other colours that you can easily incorporate in your style. You can find anything from green, red and yellow to diverse prints.

Timberland – The Icon of Style

Similar to Dr Martens boots, Timberland boots started off as boots worn by the working class and slowly became the number one boots brand worldwide. Timberland boots are designed to be your loyal companion on any terrain and weather conditions since they’re waterproof. They were first released in their original yellow colour although now you can find many different colours of Timberland boots.

With time the company started thinking about and making changes in order to make the whole production of the Timberland boots environmentally-friendly and minimize the bad impact on the environment as much as possible. Even the boots with time became more sustainable than previously.

Timberland Boots for Men

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Recently the Timberland company started using recycled plastic in the creation of the boots pointing out the importance of sustainability and recycling for our planet earth. Timberland boots are made out of leather and represent a product that is both functional, sustainable and offers great performance.

Red Wing If You Need Heavy-Duty Boots

Red Wing boots have a history old over 100 years. The boots were made out of manure-proof leather and were meant for the farmers working on the land. As years went by the Red Wing boots became even more popular not only because of their comfort and durability but also because of the way they looked. To many, the Red Wing boots were a signature of style.

Red Wing Boots for Men

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Many of the Red Wing boots are hand-made and stitched which requires the dedication and hard work of many people. The company uses the most durable and high-quality leather for the production of the boots. The boots can be made in 30 different styles and hundreds of different sizes.

Another thing by which the Red Wing boots are recognisable is the sole. The boots have a lug sole that provides a lot of traction while at the same time being a non-marking outsole and truly an iconic element.

Tricker’s – For the Ones That Love the Sophisticated Look

Tricker’s boots originated from Britain. It started as a family-owned business that kept its status even today after 190 years of existence. Tricker’s boots are made to last you a lifetime and in the making, they go through 260 individual processes. Many craftsmen and master shoemakers are involved in this long-lasting process in order to provide you with the perfect hand-made, durable and highly sophisticated boots.

Tricker’s Boots for Men

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Every part of the process is dedicated to creating boots that will fit perfectly on your feet and that will provide you with great comfort while walking. The leather is waterproof which makes them perfect for any weather condition. Tricker’s boots are some of the best boots that money can buy and a truly worthy investment.

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