Flexible Seating: Different Types of Classroom Chairs

Classroom with flexible seating chairs
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It’s important for kids to feel comfortable in the classroom since they spend a big part of their day there, sitting and performing different types of tasks and activities. For that reason, every classroom should be equipped with furniture that promotes proper posture and feels cosy and comfortable to use. Here are some great recommendations. 

The Soft Anywhere Chairs for the Ultimate Comfort 

anywhere chairs
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The innovative Anywhere student chairs are the perfect solution for little kids to sit and relax, listen to lessons, stories or do tasks and drawings.  These are super lightweight and soft seats for classroom which as the name suggests, can be put anywhere in a split of a second. They are made of soft microfiber fabric which is super cozy and breathable so that little kids can feel comfortable sitting in them for the whole duration of a class. Additionally, they are also easy to maintain and clean as all you need to do is remove the covers and wash them in a machine.

The base of Anywhere soft seats for classroom is approximately 55cm wide and the height of the backrest is around 45cm – perfect for young students. They come in many colours to make the classroom a vibrant place, including red, blue, orange and green. That makes them even more appealing for the little ones. These soft foldable chairs are perfect for placing them around a collaborative table and putting a group of kids together to do a certain task. That way you encourage communication and collaboration.

The best thing about these chairs is that you can just as easily fold them back and put them away, making free space for some activity or game. Even if it is just for tidying the classroom up, these foldable chairs will make your job very easy.

Student’s Balance Ball Chairs to Promote Better Posture 

Students seating on balance balls
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The balance ball is mostly used for yoga and exercise or as part of physical therapy. But lately, it gained popularity as a classroom addition due to its beneficial effects on posture. Obviously, prolonged sitting isn’t good for children’s posture nor for the overall health and it is believed that sitting on a balance ball instead can in some way relieve pressure off the back and muscles while at the same time improving one’s posture.

The balance balls are especially interesting to little kids and they can be easily implemented as part of the classroom furniture. Balance balls promote active movement, and students can move and balance at the same time which can lead to reduced fidgeting and improved focus.

Balance balls are also quite durable and made from non-toxic material, meaning they are completely safe for young kids to use. They are also lightweight and can easily be placed anywhere. With the balance balls, you incorporate exercise into the classic teaching program. Note that, only two hours a day of sitting on the balance ball can significantly improve children’s health.

A good alternative to the balance ball is the cloud chair which has a similar shape but instead with air it is filled with memory foam which moulds accordingly to the body and provides ultimate comfort. It is soft yet supportive and it is believed that alleviates anxiety and stress. This cloud chair would be the perfect addition to the classroom or a library. Again, it has a removable cover that can be machine washed. 

Soft Cushions for Some Fun on the Ground 

seating on cushions
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Another variation of a soft student chair is the soft ground cushion. It’s actually a multi-purpose product that has similar features to the balance ball but it takes up much less space and is more stable. Long term use of this cushion can improve the core stability of the kids and their muscle strength.

The cushions are portable, can be placed anywhere, like for instance on the school playing ground, and are very easy to inflate. Actually, the inflation pump comes along with the cushions. And it shouldn’t be hard for you to keep them clean. Just wipe them away and they are ready to use.

Ottomans That Come in Many Shapes and Colours

ottomans chairs
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Ottoman chairs are versatile and can be used both as a chair, as a mini-table or footrest. They come in many different shapes. You can get hexagonal, square and round ottoman chairs in different colours and mix-match them to create a more creative and stimulating environment for the kids.

Ottoman classroom chairs are large enough to fit two students at a time and are quite easy to move around and put away. Some are even empty inside and can be used for extra storage. Kids can store toys or books inside which is very practical and comes in handy in the classroom.

Maybe you didn’t know, but round ottoman chairs can also be transformed into a rocker! You can turn the ottoman over onto the rounded side to allow rocking. This kind of flexible seating is perfect for active learning or for casual reading. As for the maintenance, ottoman chairs are usually made out of leather-like materials that are easy to wipe and keep clean.

Ergonomic Chairs with Wheels for Better Mobility

ergonomic chairs
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Ergonomic chairs are an essential part of modern office furniture, but they can also be the perfect addition to a classroom. These chairs are designed to offer maximum comfort and support, plus you can easily move around with them since they can rotate 360 degrees and have wheels that can voe in any direction.

Ergonomically speaking, the chair is designed to encourage some slight movement of the body and reduce the pressure off the spine and back. It is believed that it helps increase core strength and contributes to better posture, balance and stability. Ergonomic chairs can help students focus better on the educational material as well as on all the discussions happening throughout the school day because they won’t be distracted by the discomfort regular chairs cause.

Ergonomic chairs are available in many colours and designs in order to complement the style of the classroom. The point is for children to feel as comfortable as they do at home. That way the whole learning process will be more fun and interesting for them. 

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