How to Choose the Right Women’s Fleece Jacket

There’s a jacket for every season and you need to find the right one to keep you cool or warm, depending on the weather conditions. Just like with every other piece of clothing, it all comes down to personal preferences. If you were wondering what to wear in Australia this winter, a women’s fleece jacket is the right answer. There are many reasons why people opt for these jackets and make them their go-to option for colder weather.

Types of Fleece – What Type of Fleece Is the Warmest?


Fleece is a fabric made of a type of polyester, usually polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and can contain other synthetic fibres or be a blend of other natural and recycled fibres. It’s an insulating, hydrophobic fabric that repels water. It’s comfortable and comes in various colours and designs. You can find a variety of women’s fleece jackets Australia wide and choose the right model for your needs.

One thing you should have in mind when it comes to fleece is weight. Weight is measured in grams per square metre or gsm. This determines how many grams of fleece are in a square metre, which tells you how light or heavy the jacket is. So, according to the weight, there are several types of fleece jackets.

Lightweight Fleece

These jackets are made of thinner material with around 100 to 200 gsm. Those with even less fleece are ultralight jackets and are the thinnest ones. This weight is good for packing because it doesn’t take up much space, it’s more breathable than thicker fleece but less insulating. These jackets are the ideal mid layers to be worn under other, waterproof jackets, and over any base layer. They’re suitable to be worn as an outer layer in not so cold weather and don’t restrict your movement whatsoever, which makes them perfect for physical exercise.


Mid-Weight Fleece

These fleece jackets for women have a medium thickness and are probably the most versatile type. This is because they aren’t too thin but not too thick either, which makes them ideal for a bit colder weather. They are fairly breathable and still provide warmth. A mid-weight fleece is any fleece from 200 to 300 gsm, which gives the jacket higher insulating properties. They can be used as mid-layers in colder conditions but also as an outer layer.

Heavyweight Fleece

Heavyweight is any jacket that has more than 300gms of fleece, which makes them the ideal outer layer. Since they are heavy, they’re not really suited for physical activities and they’re more of a thermal layer. It’s the warmest type and offers the highest insulation but it’s not as flexible as the other types.

Since there are many other blends, the fleece weight can vary from brand to brand but these are the general weight measurements that you should be aware of.

Why Is Fleece an Ideal Fabric for Outdoor Clothing?

Fleece jackets are becoming the preferred outdoor jackets and many consider them to be one of the must-have items for camping and other activities. This is due to their many advantages over other outdoor jackets.

  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Flexible and durable
  • Breathable
  • Insulating even when wet
  • Moisture-resistant

Adjustability is another property of women fleece jackets. They can come with hems that can be elasticated and adjusted to fit you perfectly and restrict air passage. They can also have many additional features, including zippers, pockets, and hoods. Since they’re usually zippered, you can find a jacket with any type of zipper you want, and some of the lightweight types can have a ¼ zipper in the front.

We love pockets because of their practicality. We can put whatever we want and more is always welcome. Since there are various designs of jackets, you can choose the number and positioning of the pockets on your fleece.

What Should I Look for in a Fleece Jacket?

When picking out your fleece, consider the next several things:

Season – What kind of weather do you plan to wear your fleece in? If you need a warm layer, a mid-weight fleece is your best bet but if you just need something warmer to throw on a chilly summer night, lightweight fleece is probably what you’re looking for.

Style – Do you want a hood or not? Are you going to wear it zippered or not? Since there are many options, consider how you plan to wear your fleece and choose accordingly.

Fit – Trying the jacket is the best thing you can do to make sure that your jacket fits and feels as it should. You can test how much you can move in it and see whether it has all the features that you need. If you aren’t able to go and try it, there are many stores for women’s fleece jackets Australia wide that you can order from. They provide a sizing guide and give you all the information you need to know about a particular fleece on their online store’s website.


Other Types of Outdoor Jackets

Besides fleece jackets, there are other types of outdoor jackets that you can go for and even combine with your fleece:

Hardshell Jackets – They’re the outer layer that keeps you protected from wind, rain, and snow. They’re light-weight, dry quickly, and can be reinforced with additional waterproof coatings;

Softshell Jackets – They’re versatile, soft, flexible, and breathable. Made of polyester or nylon and other fabrics, they offer a wide range of options. They’re extremely comfortable and fit for outdoor activities and exercising.

Insulated Jackets – These jackets are filled and have a waterproof or water-resistant shell. They can be ski and snowboard jackets or lightweight ones.

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