Women’s Workwear Materials – Which Ones Are the Most Commonly Used?


For men working in trades or agriculture, construction, mining, farming, etc. shopping for work wear is simple. For women in these same occupations – not so much. Finding a pair of womens work pants that are sturdy and cut for wider hips and thighs, can be a pain in the neck. Shirts are often too short to stay tucked in and if you don’t mind the colour pink or flowery prints, the pickings for work gloves can be slim.

Luckily, things are starting to change. Nowadays, there are quite a few companies that offer womens work pants, shirts and accessories for the ladies who like to get their hands dirty. When choosing work clothing, it is important for it to be durable and extra-rugged. Here are the most popular materials for work apparel.

Cotton Duck

By far the most common workwear fabric, cotton duck is a very durable type of canvas. It resembles the linen canvas that was once used to make sailors’ trousers and outwear. One of the greatest things about this material is that it has a relatively smooth surface that isn’t prone to snagging and tearing. It is also effective at blocking wind. Unlike synthetic fabrics (nylon and polyester), cotton duck doesn’t melt when exposed to high heat. You may find cotton duck a bit stiff and uncomfortable at first, but after wearing the pieces of clothing a couple of times, they will become more comfortable. Popular colours for cotton duck include khaki, tan, and shades of green and brown that hide dirt well.

Insulated Linings

There is no season for hard workers. For this reason, workwear companies also offer products designed specifically for working in cold and windy winter conditions. Blanket linings and flannel linings are often used to provide moderate warmth. Quilted linings are also used to provide insulation on the interior of jackets and other outerwear. Fleece linings are also great for insulation and wick moisture well.


Easily recognizable by its diagonal ribbing, denim is a great fabric for work clothes. It is sturdy and modern and although it is less durable than cotton duck – it is generally more comfortable to wear.


Being a light or medium-weight woven cloth, flannel has a soft, brushed surface. It is often used to make long sleeved shirts which are commonly used for working outdoors in colder conditions.

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