Luggage Straps: Handy Accessories Every Traveller Needs

Travelling is an exciting experience that allows us to get to know more of the world we live in, get in contact with different cultures, try out various cuisines, and make life anything but mundane. Of course, to be able to count on a positive unforgettable experience, one must first make the most of planning and preparing as best as possible for the journey ahead.

And it all starts with properly packing and protecting the belongings. Besides getting the adequate suitcase for the trip, in the needed size, it’s just as necessary to take care of the safety and security of the said suitcase, which is where a convenient luggage strap Australia stores offer can come in handy.

What Is the Point of Luggage Straps?


If having your luggage rummaged through is your worst nightmare when travelling, this is the type of travel accessory you need to swear by. Despite being a small addition to your overall ensemble, they often serve a multi-purpose role and bring forth plenty of benefits.

Added Dose of Safety and Security

Regardless of what you’re carrying along with you, you want it to be out of reach of sticky hands at all times. This is exactly what you get with the luggage strap Australia shops have in store, from trustworthy brands like Samsonite, so doesn’t matter if you go to airports or train stations, you don’t allow unwanted access to your items.

This is especially true for those designs of straps with features like locks, making it even more difficult for potential thieves to make their move. This extra dose of protection is useful to provide you with peace of mind in cases where a zipper stops working, a safety lock breaks if it’s seen a lot of wear and tear from travelling, or when you have a small outer pocket you want to keep concealed.

Versatile Applications

As it’s designed to safely and tightly fasten items, it can protect not one but several of your belongings stored in more lady travel bags than one suitcase, so it’s well worth the investment. This is great for those who simply can’t travel light and always need to have more than a bag of essentials tagging along.

This is true even for those bags that lean towards the big side, so it’s not only meant for small ones. Fasten them all together with the neat luggage strap and you can handle them like a single item instead of dealing with many one by one. The extra benefit here is that the strap is so versatile, it can also serve as a temporary handle for your luggage so you have more than one way of carrying it too.

On top of it all, it’s a type of accessory that also happens to be strong, so you don’t have to be afraid it would tear up. As such, it further adds to the strength of your bag(s) and keeps the contents secure throughout the trips. No more surprises of items being all over the compartments from being tossed and turned – this is a purchase to make if you want to always keep things neatly organised, undamaged, and unstained.

Identification Purposes

Sometimes, there are similar designs different brands make, so it’s easy to confuse someone else’s bag for your own – or the other way around, risk having yours being taken away by someone else. This is yet another bad-case scenario you could be playing in your mind before the trip, more so if you’re travelling to a popular destination, where the planes are expected to be full. Why risk it when you can make your bag stand out with stylish travel luggage straps that add a nice finishing detail?

Sure, you can make the design of your luggage pop with a signature tag or some stickers and colourful ribbons, but that’s not a foolproof method. Straps, on the other hand, make your luggage instantly recognisable and unique, so you can easily spot it among others.

How to Choose Your Strap?


With many options available, it’s necessary to make sure you pick out a product of quality so you have peace of mind regarding the safety and security of your belongings. You can ensure this by choosing a well-known brand that would give you the guarantee you need regarding the quality of the product, the material it’s made from, and the design of the lock, for example.

Next up, choose the material properly. If you’re going to be travelling a lot, you need something durable like polyester, a polyester blend with other sturdy materials, or nylon. The beauty of these options is they’re also easy to adjust to the size of your luggage. Then, it’s time to focus on design, colour, as well as features. As this is something that’s meant to serve you for more than safety and security, you’d need some design that stands out from the rest if you’re aiming towards individuality and distinction in mind


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