Top 5 Online Tattoo Ideas Men Should Definitely Try

Are you looking for impressive men tattoo designs? Do you wish to have a meaningful tattoo? Look no further because below is a list of tattoo ideas that are expressive and they will surely help you attract everybody’s attention.

1. Thigh tattoos


After arms, thighs are the next most preferred spot for men. The area is big and thus, provides ample space for the tattooist to ink a tattoo design. The tattoo will be visible when you are wearing shorts or trunks. Meaning, when you are working out or having fun on the beach, you could flaunt your body art. Yes, otherwise it will stay covered. Hence, if you are looking for a hidden spot for a tattoo then thighs are a good choice. Many men do get tattoos on their chest but again, leg tattoos have their own charm. There is no dearth men tattoo designs and you will be amazed by the available choices.

2. White ink tattoos


If it is your desire to wander into the unknown territory and have something different inked on your body, then try white ink tattoos. These are one of the unique tattoos for men and look best against the dark and tanned skin. They are somewhat discreet and not overpowering. Mostly, men who happen to work with kids, often choose simple tattoos for men in white ink. In some cases, the ink is known to have turned yellow over the years. It happens because of the blue ink that tattooists use. Since this bad effect will be permanent, you should take time in selecting a good tattooist for your white ink tattoos.

3. Get a best friend tattoo


No, contrary to what many people think, it is not only girls, who go for such tattoos. Men, who have a best buddy, whom they could trust no matter what, also choose to have best friend tattoos. So head to the tattoo parlor with your friend and choose lock and key, skull and bones, mummy and pyramid or any other tattoo pair. The theme of the design does not have to be serious. You could choose from funny and unique tattoos for men and both of you could share a good laugh whenever you meet. It is perhaps the best way to stay connected with your childhood friend if you stay away from home.

4. Lotus tattoo


Who says men cannot have flower tattoos. All you need to do is choose the flower carefully. If you check out flower tattoo pictures, you will agree that lotus tattoos do not look annoying on a man’s skin. In fact, it is one such flower that you can get tattooed anywhere on your body and receive compliments from women. The flower has a high spiritual value in Buddhism and thus, it could be your first spiritual tattoo. It would be best if you chose medium or large sized lotus tattoo. Moreover, color selection should be done with due care. Pink is widely chosen but if you do not like the color, you could go with blue, yellow, orange, and black.

5. Upper chest tattoo


True, it is one of the simple tattoos for men. But, it looks so charming and powerful that every man should have a tattoo on the upper chest. You could go for any elaborate pattern as the tattooist will have plenty of space to ink the tattoo design. A winged angel, an eagle with its wings spread out, butterfly, a design showing thorns and roses, and a spiral design, are some of the most popular upper chest tattoo designs. Another great option is to have a quote tattoo. If you have a quote that is close to your heart, ask your tattooist to ink it on your upper chest.


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