How Much Does it Cost to Hire Removalists?

Moving house? Wondering why you should pay for furniture removalists in the first place? Well the truth is that lugging that giant TV down three flights of stairs might not be as easy as you think. Moving is already something incredibly stressful and can really exhaust you physically and mentally. Most of the time. It always takes longer than you expect and you end up spending just about the same amount of money on moving supplies and petrol as you would hiring a removalist to do the job for you. Below we’ll go over what removalists will help you with and what are the current removal rates based on.


Removalists are trained professionals and deal with moving every day. To help you with this stressful process, removalists will provide you with all the packing supplies like boxes, tape, and anything else you might need. They also do all the packing and unpacking for you so you don’t have to spend 2 days figuring out what should go in which box. They also offer cleaning services for your items or your home and they can safely transport everything from one home to another, as well as have all the manpower needed to load these boxes and furniture items onto heavy trucks.

If you also need more time or need to store items, most professionals have storage options available to you. They also offer insurance for your belongings in case you are worried about them being damaged or broken in the moving process. Most removalists also are experienced when it comes to moving your furry family members, which can also be a very stressful time for them.

Like many services, removal rates will depend on a lot of factors like where you live, as well as the amount of furniture and boxes that will need to be transported to your new home. Most removalists will give you an hourly or half hourly charge that you can use as a rough estimate. Most removalists in Australia will give you a rate somewhere between the 70 dollar mark to 130 dollars an hour. This is of course without insurance and without any packing supplies. If you do want insurance however and all of the packing materials, the costs can get to about 250 dollars an hour.

Many professional removalists will have their own websites where most of them feature a calculator with their rates so you can add up how much it will cost you roughly. Another thing most removalists will include in the price is how many bedrooms your place will have. You can easily minimize this cost by moving or packing in advance the lighter objects in your house so the removalists don’t spend too much time there.

You can call a company you like to get a quote from over the phone or to check out their removal rates, or you can easily do a quick search online for a removalist near you. By choosing a removalist you will ease yourself of the stress that comes with packing, loading, labeling and unpacking all your furniture and other belonging. Hiring a removalist is a way to ensure the safety of your belongings, your pets, your family and yourself.

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