Tool Trolleys: Making Moving Boxes and Tools with Ease

Storing and organizing tools can be quite a challenge especially if you have a lot of tools to work with. Not only are they going to make it hard for you to bring them from one place to another, you’ll also have a hard time finding what you need if you don’t keep them in place. For all you messy people out there there is an easy solution for this and its called a tool trolley. Tool trolleys are usually the size of a small desk and are able to accommodate all your tools and keep them and you protected as long as you get the right one. But since there are different types of tool trolleys made to handle different types of tools and materials its important to know what to look for.

How do I Choose a Tool Chest?

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Obvious or not having enough space for all of your tools and equipment is the most important part of every trolley. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to have all your tools available wherever you are. The storage capacity of tool trolleys for sale is dictated by the number of tools you already have and the ones you will in the near future.


For a tool trolley to last long you need to get one made of tough materials such as stainless steel. Ones with a fully welded construction and a powder-coated finish are going to last you even longer. You should look for PU (polyurethane) casters as these can take a lot more abuse than rubber ones, but they are not as quiet.


Trolley drawers are available in two different types, ball bearing and non-bearing slides. Non-bearing slides can make puling out a drawer difficult especially when it’s loaded with tools. Ball-bearing slides are the most convenient as they make it easy to slide a drawer even when it’s packed with tools.


A tool trolley also ensures the safety of your tools and what better way to keep your tools safe than with locks. A well-designed lock system is an internal one that covers up the drawers after you’ve closed the top lid. But there are also quality locking systems that make use of a key for added security.

Types of Tool Trolleys

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For the utmost convenience and portability finding rolling tool trolleys for sale is your best bet. They come with wheels and a handle to help make it handling them easier. Rolling trolleys usually come with caster wheels which you can choose from several different kinds.


If you want to be able to store tools and sit on your trolley then go with stool-sized units. These are ideal if you do a lot of work whilst sitting as you don’t have to get up every time you need to use a different tool. Just reach down into the trolley and get whatever you need from it. Keep in mind though that these trolleys can only accommodate small tools since they are quite small.

Work Bench Trolley

If you’re someone who works a lot whilst standing and does so on a workbench then a workbench trolley is going to provide you with everything you need. A place to store your tools and a lot of space to work on your projects. Workbench trolleys also come with wheels so you can easily relocate your workspace if needed and you can also work on the bench whilst sitting too. They can store a lot more than stool-sized or any other trolleys.

Tool Chest & Roller Cabinet Trolley

If you want a professional drawer tool trolley and roller cabinets then this type of trolley is made for you. These trolleys area bigger and heavier than your regular trolley and they too come with wheels. There are multiple drawers which are coupled together with sturdy construction and quality locking mechanisms.

Tool Trolley Maintenance

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To keep your trolley in top it doesn’t just include cleaning it, you also need to do the same for your tools. Since your tools are stored it the trolley, not cleaning them will make your trolley dirty too and you don’t want that. Just use a soft and dry cloth to wipe the tools clean and if you have grease or grime get a degreaser. If there is a buildup of grease then just put some WD-40 on it.


There are a lot of moving parts in trolleys that serve to allow you to bring them to every corner of your shop. This is where lubricating all these moving parts is important to keep your trolley mobile. Put some regular lubricating oil on the rollers and wheels and if they feel stiff just spray some WD-40. To prevent them from becoming stiff just apply lubricating oil on the regular.


Proper use is another essential part of trolley maintenance. Make sure when using it or working on it you keep it as dry as you can. Avoid stacking items on top of it as its made to hold up your tools and nothing extra. Do not use your trolley as a table to chair and make sure to keep you tool organised so you don’t fiddle around every time you need one. Keep your trolley away from pets and children too as it is it can be a potential hazard.


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