Tips for Buying the Safest Playpen for Your Baby

When your little one begins to move independently, life gets more difficult. While it’s important for them to be free and explore the world, they also need safety and protection. Just like kids’ beds, baby playpens (or play yards) make excellent guardians with the added flexibility for your munchkin to spin, toss, and play. This way, they will learn to play safely and independently right away.

Regardless of whether you simply need one for your house, or you’ll use it specifically when travelling, here are six tips that will help you pick the perfect playpen for your little one.

What to Look for in a Baby Playpen?

Simple Set Up

picture of a woman beside a baby in a playpen

I suggest that you buy baby playpen that is lightweight and compact, and most of all easy to set up. These playpens are ideal for travelling as they take up little trunk space and get set up in a few seconds. Whether you’re visiting grandma and grandpa, going on a vacation, or simply chilling in the garden, they’re the ideal baby must-haves for any occasion. They create a safe, enclosed space with proper ventilation, letting you do your tasks while your toddler is playing safely in their little world.

An easy-to-assemble model is also necessary if you’ll be picking it up and setting it down a lot. Take a few seconds to pack it up and store it away when it’s not in use and you get plenty of free space (they’re especially useful in small apartments). Additionally, if your infant is grumpy, you don’t want the setup to be a burden.

Great for Travel

A baby care playpen offers a secure space for your child to explore and play. Play yards are also a great alternative for temporary beds. These items are useful for travel since some designs include a bassinet insert, a sun shade, and other useful features. Some playpens are even weather-proofed, so they’re suitable for outdoor use. Before you decide on a model, you must decide how you will use the playpen.

Support the Baby’s Weight

picture of a woman sitting on a sofa beside a playpen with a baby in it

The weight of your infant is another crucial factor. Some playpens are just walls that are put up on the ground and they have no weight restrictions. Simple white metal playpens like this work well in Scandinavian-style nurseries.

On the other hand, a lot of baby playpens have a floor that is built into many designs and supports a particular amount of weight. Certain features like an added bassinet often have a lower weight restriction than the primary playpen. If you’re looking for a playpen with an integrated floor, make sure that it supports the weight of your baby!

Playpen Size

Playpens come in a wide range of sizes. Some measure over 1 metre in length and width, or the size of a mini crib. Others are made of individual panels and are hexagonal or octagonal in shape. Some get even be made bigger by adding more panels and expanding them. Make sure to buy baby playpen in a bigger size if your child will mostly use it to play. Before choosing, make sure that its measurements will fit in your living space.

What’s It Made Of?

picture of a baby in a playpen with plastic balls

The traditional playpen bar design is a thing of the past. Nowadays, there are many modern designs on the market, such as playpens made of metal tubing and mesh, or those composed of multiple plastic panels. In either case, make sure that the playpen you select is secure and robust and provides enough ventilation and visual contact with your infant.

Additional Features

Apart from the standard playpens, you will find models with a ton of added features. Some of them include toys for entertainment, wheels that make moving the playpen easier, and a bassinet for small babies among others. However, even if you choose a standard playpen, you can fill it up with your munchkin’s favourite plush toys afterwards.

Different Types of Playpens

Standard Playpen

picture of a woman standing over a baby in a playpen

A conventional playpen is an ideal choice if you’re looking for an occasional indoor play area for your little one. However, this one doesn’t double up as a crib or a diaper changer. It has a raised surface and high mesh sides that offer excellent safety and support for your toddler.

Playpen without a Floor

Baby playpen gates, which is another name for playpens that don’t have flooring, are great for the backyard or in a corner of the family room. Although they often have more room than regular playpens, they don’t serve as a place to sleep. Their primary purpose is to safely hold the toddler while you perform other duties. This style of toddler playpen is quite cost-efficient, which is a great advantage.

Travel Playpen

picture of a woman standing beside a baby in a playpen

If you’re looking for a playpen that’s great for travelling and doubles up as a bed, travel designs are the way to go. These playpens are a bit more compact when folded up and they’re generally smaller in size than other styles. Whether you’re going on a long vacation trip, or simply visiting friends, a travel playpen will keep your child safe and entertained.

A playpen is a practical must-have that improves your baby’s safety and entertainment throughout the day. When looking for a playpen online, don’t forget to consider factors such as how you will be using it, how much your baby weighs, and how much budget you have available.


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