How to Design a Practical and Adorable Scandinavian-Style Nursery

Nursery room


When it comes to interior décor, nurseries are probably the hardest to design. We know what we want for our bedroom or the living room but kids usually don’t have very specific preferences. Or, if we’re decorating for our baby-to-be, it’s up to us to create a functional yet cohesive space. There are numerous styles to choose from, and you don’t even have to stick to one, but Scandinavian-inspired nurseries have been popular for quite some time now and that’s for some good reasons. They are easy on the eye, practical, clutter-free and easy to keep clean. But how do you put together both a practical and adorable looking Scandi style nursery? Here’s a bit of help on the matter.

Choose a Theme and Colour Palette to Stick to

Scandinavian style nursery


These are important because they’re the basis for everything that you’re going to include in the room. Choosing a particular theme is going to guide you through the journey because you’ll know where to look. With so many choices, you can easily get overwhelmed, and this theme or idea will make you exclude all the unfit options so you’ll be left with a somewhat clearer picture of what you want and need.

As for the colour palette, Scandi-inspired nurseries feature neutral tones with pastel or warm colours that allow several items in bolder colours, if that’s what you prefer. You can opt for a monochrome black and white look that can really bring out the best in the room if executed properly. There are many Scandinavian baby furniture pieces that fit this kind of décor and make the space seem modern and adorable. You want to keep to white or really light wall colour because they enable you to experiment with the elements in the room and easily redecorate when a need arises.

Pick Quality Furniture that Works for Your Particular Space

Nursery furniture


To create a functional and modern space that fulfills your kids’ every need, you need to find high-quality designer nursery furniture that will serve its function without creating unnecessary clutter and taking up too much space. Since Scandinavian style is all about simplicity, you should look for practical items that complement each other but keep the room clean and clutter-free. This is especially helpful when decorating small nurseries because, with the right furniture, you can make any interior look spacious. This means that it should be chosen according to the size of the room and how all the elements work together, without disregarding your kids’ needs, of course.

Scandi-inspired designer kids furniture features clean lines and non-adorned designs. This doesn’t mean that it’s boring but that it successfully brings functionality and style together. Many pieces are multi-purpose furniture that you can use in different ways. It serves you and your space without compromising on looks.

Furniture in neutral shades creates the perfect base for building the room’s style and taking it in any direction that you want. It allows you to incorporate interesting elements and add a pop of colour in any way you like. Most people decide on light, greyish tones and beautiful wooden designs because they’re easy to work with and offer a wide variety of choices, but you can go for warmer tones for a cosy atmosphere or bluish tones and muted pastels. No matter which colour you choose, make sure that the designer nursery furniture matches the vibe you’re going for so you can have the space that you imagined.

Use Natural Materials to Bring Life and Freshness

Natural materials in nursery


Natural materials predominate in Scandinavian-style décor. Most of the pieces are made of natural wood with several metal elements for contrast and a contemporary feel. Since wood is a superior material when it comes to furniture, when you choose Scandi items, you choose quality as well. On some of the designer pieces, the price may be a bit higher than the regular ones but it’s totally worth it. The use that you’re going to get out of the furniture makes it cost-efficient in the long run. Besides the furniture, nature is found in the other room décor items, too. This includes rugs, sculptures, and plants. Since textures have a big impact on every design, you can play with them to create layers and bring warmth to the room. You can easily find and include fabrics made of wool, cotton, fur, burlap, or jute.

Let Light in to Create a Functional and Open Space

Properly lighted Scandi-style nursery


Proper lighting is important for any room, especially the Scandinavian-inspired ones. The reason is that light adds function to any space and makes it more inviting. To achieve this, be as minimal as possible with the window treatments. You don’t want heavy drapes blocking the light and making the room seem smaller and darker than it is. We all know the temptation to buy adorable nursery curtains but you can go without them as well. If you must have them, choose light fabrics that complement the overall look and don’t block any light during the day. You can go for ones that are made of natural materials, such as burlap or bamboo.

Use the Most of the Room by Creating Storage Space

Nursery with storage spaces


Having enough storage space is essential for any nursery. It can be tricky to incorporate storage while trying to think minimal but nothing is impossible with Scandinavian furniture. As mentioned, many of the items are multi-purpose, which gives you the freedom to get creative. Since babies come with a lot of stuff, you need Scandi baby furniture that gives you as much storage as possible while blending well with the rest. You can choose innovative shelving systems, smart closets, and well-designed beds with extra storage room. Whichever solution you decide on, Scandinavian-style furniture has it all. Make sure that everything you put in the nursery works for you and your baby’s needs in the best way possible. Let the furniture serve you, not the other way around.


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