Queen Mattress Overview

After successfully convincing my husband to redecorate the house and add a few metres more to the previous space, I finally got my new, large bedroom. I wanted one so badly because I want to get a larger bed, and in the old bedroom there was only enough space for a small regular couples bed, which was not comfortable at all. It hurt my love life! Think it’s easy to find a position on such a small bed, get in the mood to make love to your partner, and feel good the next morning after you’ve been sleeping on one side and your entire arm and shoulder feel numb? No, not at all. So I decided I was solving that problem – I chose a bigger size queen mattress, to be exact.

What makes a queen mattress a good choice for a bed? Well, from everything available, the size queen mattress is the one that will most likely find a place in your bedroom; this size is just between a full and a king size mattress. This means that, having in mind that you probably don’t live in a palace, a queen size mattress will provide you with just enough space for a more comfortable sleep than a regular couples bed, while not disturbing your freedom of movement in the bedroom. Here are a few important factors that definitely make a difference.

queen size mattress

Thickness Measurement

Thickness is a highly important feature in every mattress. An important thing to consider here is body comfort – which is mainly provided by memory foam mattresses. Other mattresses are fairly thin, so you might want to have this in mind. General thickness measurements range from 27 centimetres to about 38 centimetres (the thickest one).

Mattress dimensions

Here’s the math: a full size bed is about 1.4 metres wide and about 2.1 metres long, whereas a queen size mattress is just a little bigger, measuring about 1.7 metres of width and 2.2 metres of length. So, according to these numbers, sleeping on a queen size mattress, each one of you would get about 76 centimetres of space for sleeping.

queen size mattress

The frame

The frame of a queen size mattress has a rectangular shape and it has a centre leg to support the mattress, since this construction is a lot bigger than a full size bed, for instance. This leg extends from the head to the foot of the mattress, thus it supports the entire mattress surface.


Finally, how much does it cost to get a queen size mattress and is it worth it? In my case, I was ready to pick up a bank loan if needed just to get a larger bed to sleep in Luckily, reality is not that cruel. It really depends on what do you want from a mattress; if you want a richer package it will cost you more, up to $4000 even. And if you just need the space and the comfort, you can easily get something ranging from $99 to $200.

Bottom line is, if you’re looking to buy a new bed, make sure it’s big; a queen size is just perfect for providing you with the luxury of sleeping in any position without constantly worrying if you’re accidentally going to hit your partner with your hand.


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