How to Choose the Perfect Laptop Work Bag for the Professional Woman

As much as you think you don’t need a laptop bag, if you’re a professional woman, this item is a must-have. You don’t want to carry lipstick, coffee, keys, your phone, and your computer in your hands, only to see them crash down by accident. Oops! So, which bag will help you the most?

The modern office style has become more relaxed, but that doesn’t mean you should let yourself go and not care about style. Being chic yet professional is still in. And don’t worry, looking professional doesn’t mean having to revert to bulk briefcases with a four-digit lock. Instead, you can choose some of the stylish laptop work bag ladies designs, perfect for any workspace.

Here is a guide to picking the right bag to keep this pricey item clean and working without having to sacrifice style.

laptop work bag ladies designs

Different Types to Choose from


Totes are a stylish alternative to traditional laptop work bags for ladies. They are versatile, as they can carry a lot. If you are like me and like to use the same bag for work and daily life, then a tote bag is for you.

You can find a tote in a variety of colours to match your work wardrobe. Colours such as tan, olive, and black complement most work attire. However, if you have the luxury of being able to work wherever you want, bright, vibrant colours can showcase your style more.

Laptop totes traditionally don’t have too many pockets. You will find two inside pockets, one with a zipper for more secure things such as a wallet or phone, and a slip pocket for things like pens or lipstick. Larger options can come with a middle zipper and side slip pockets, ideal for grab-and-go things such as keys and phones, or even those little snacks that you have hidden away.

Most professional totes can carry laptops even up to 16 inches. If you want more security for your items, you want to be able to zip them up. That is why picking the right size for your computer is a must.

You want to look for a tote with good storage capabilities that isn’t too bulky and heavy. Look for a tote that is durable and easy to clean. This durability will give you more confidence to carry your laptop in it. This large body bag is just for the professional woman who needs space and flexibility with her laptop case.

blue tote laptop bag

Laptop Bag

For a more traditional look, a laptop work bag for ladies is a knockout. This bag is more structured as it has a flat button with slender sides.

An added plus is that most laptop work bags feature an adjustable and detachable strap. This, coupled with extra padding and multiple compartments, will keep your computer safe and you comfortable. For work, school, and everyday life, a laptop bag fits a 16-inch laptop, with plenty of room for notebooks, pens, and books.

I love this bag for its more professional look while still being practical. Colours such as navy, frappe, green, and toffee go with any outfit. It’s the best-added accessory that’s not too big or too small, with multiple ways to carry it.


Although this has been seen as a more casual bag for the office, there are plenty of materials that can upscale its look, such as vegan leather. Just make sure to look for a bookbag made specifically for a laptop. Laptop book bags are made with special padded compartments to keep your biggest devices safe. In addition, some offer additional room, so you can also carry your lunch box and much more.

You can also take your bookbag with you when travelling because it minimises the amount of luggage you need by maximising space. For example, in a carry-on bookbag, you can fit your laptop, a complete change of clothes, and toiletries.

grey laptop backpack

Vegan vs. Genuine Leather

With an increased interest in making sustainable bags, you can find bags made out of vegan materials. This means that during the process of bringing you your luxury useful bag, no animals were harmed. To be able to be called vegan, it must meet many standards.

Buying vegan handbags takes away the concern about harming animals. What is often used is PU, and no, I don’t mean some kind of smelly plastic. PU stands for polyurethane. This material is an artificial leather made of thermoplastic polymers. PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is also another synthetic material that’s perfect to replicate leather.

Both of these are less expensive to use and last longer. These stand out because they are more resistant to stains and scratches than most other types of synthetic leather. Thus, you can have a bag that looks good for much longer.

Producing products with traditional leather has a huge carbon footprint and is not environmentally sustainable. Many chemicals are used in the process of making leather, like chromium salts, which create toxic wastewater that pollutes land and water.

On the other hand, vegan leather is made ethically and is environmentally and animal friendly. In addition, this material requires less water and is easier to make.

Pretty and Professional

Now you are well on your way to protecting your devices. This laptop bag will be the perfect addition to any wardrobe, as it holds all you need for work, school, and play. As women, we want to have versatility, so why not have a tote, laptop, and bookbag for when you want? Stay pretty and professional with a new laptop carrying bag.


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