The Art of Decorating with Round Rugs

When talking about rugs, the first thing that comes to our minds is the rectangular ones. Even though they are one of the most common  shapes of rugs, more and more homeowners are relying on the use of round pieces. These floor covers have a more interesting look and offer a cosy aesthetic. However, their benefits can go beyond this.

Visual Space Improvement

Round Rug

Due to their curved silhouette, round floor rugs create the illusion of more space. This characteristic can be quite beneficial for people who live in smaller spaces. Instead of creating a box-like type of room with rectangular floor covers, you can choose round floor rugs and make the room feel more open. These floor covers remove one’s focus from corners and edges, creating a sense of spaciousness and warmth.

Perfect When Used as Dividers

Being cuter and smaller, it seems that these mats can serve as the perfect dividing tool in larger spaces like the living room or open floor plans. If you have one, you can use such a rug to define a separate area in it like for instance a book nook. You can also use a rug as a divider between the kitchen, living room and dining room, or literally in any larger area in your home.

Ideal to be Used as a Focal Point

Given the fact that they attract attention, these rugs can also be used as a focal point, or at least be placed near the focal point area in a space. For instance, you can place one near a shelve with books, in the room’s centre below the chandelier or just under the coffee table. For those book lovers who have a book nook in one corner of the room, you can use a smaller round floor mat and place it just under that side table and armchair where you can enjoy the warmth of the rug underfoot while getting lost in a whole new world even if it’s for a little while.

Improved Room Appearance

These floor coverings are available in a range of colours and designs, allowing you to choose one that will best meet your needs. For creating contrast and an interesting room aesthetic, it would be great if you tried to match designs with darker tones with lighter flooring and vice versa. However, if you’re one of the people who love to create a Scandinavian-like home, then you have all the freedom in the world to match a lighter rug and a lighter floor, especially in living areas and nurseries where spaciousness and lightness are needed.

Great for Layering

Wall to Wall Carpet

Whether living in a smaller or larger home, these rugs are a great option for creating a layered look. Usually, people love doing that in bedrooms and nursery rooms which are covered with carpets from floor to floor. However, some people also love the idea of arranging them next to each other, however, this is only done when placing them in a larger space.

When Not to Use a Round Rug?

Long and Narrow Living Rooms

Even though these floor covers are designed to add more comfort and cosiness to a room through their curved line, generally, they aren’t recommended to be placed in longer and narrower rooms. According to interior designers, when placed in such a room, they will only break up the space’s size and will make it look even longer than it is. Instead of this, such rooms require rectangular or oval-shaped types of rugs.

Under a Long Rectangular Dining Table

This is quite similar to choosing a rug for a longer and narrower room. When in the search for a floor cover  to be placed under such a table, you should look for one that mimics its shape, so it would be better if you stick to rectangular and oval-shaped mats.

Under Corner Sofas

Round rug

Even though placing a round rug under a sofa is super cool, you should avoid placing one under one with an L-shape. The main rule that should be followed when placing a round rug is to make sure that it reflects the furniture’s shape. So, in such cases, it would be better to choose another type of cover.

In Narrow Entryways

Adding round covers in entryways can break up the dullness, especially when paired with some other details like a shelf, a plant and some art prints. However, it certainly won’t go well in a long narrow entryway.  

While matching rugs with your interior is of vital importance in order to improve its look, make sure not to forget about choosing one made from quality and easy-to-clean material. 


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