Robotic Welding: Cut the Cost of Direct Labour and Increase Yields and Throughput

In the world of fabrication, especially where the scope of work is large, quality and productivity are non-negotiable. You simply can’t afford to compromise on those two things as you’ll instantly start loosing clients and feel the financial slap. Another aspect is staying competitive, which by itself implies that you need to find a way to increase your throughput and minimize defects while at the same time lower your costs for labour and parts.

One way to get to that point is to hire robotic welding services. This type of service significantly reduces the cost of labour and creates an opportunity for a more efficient use of your existing staff.And if we look at welding from a close perspective, we’ll see that the operation itself is a rather complicated and dangerous, which asks for an increased level of awareness and cautiousness. Plus, an operation of that kind will cost you more than just the performance as if something goes wrong with the workers, you’ll be responsible for paying for them as well. Another aspect is that workers are humans that often have needs like breaks and vacations that cost you time and consequently, money. Implementing robotic welding services will allow your work to go on without any interruptions. Besides the obvious replacement of otherwise expensive and not enough skilled workers, robotic welding brings other advantages as well.

Robotic Welding Services

The production process is faster and more reliable

The fact that the entire production process is conducted by machines says it all. Robots do not lower the speed of work as humans do due to fatigue, breaks, meetings and similar. Their work is at a consistent speed during the entire work day. Plus, they’re focused on the right operations all the time which makes them reliable performers.

Quality is consistent

The robotic welding process can be customized to fit the needs of the manufacturing company perfectly. With that being said, factors like wires, power and gases should be properly managed and that would be all you need to maintain a highly consistent operation oriented towards a certain level of quality. Consequently, this will lead to a reduction of reworking procedures such as grinding, machining and additional welding which are an additional cost for your company budget.

Cost efficiency

Robotic welding as a process brings a number of positive advantages like increased throughput, higher material yield, reduced waste and cleanup. All this in addition to a significant decrease of labour costs leads to a quick payback. Plus, when you have your most skilled workers assigned to hard manual tasks and robots doing the continuous tasks that can be robotised, you’ll instantly feel the change on the positive financial side.

In conclusion, hiring robotic welding services isn’t just a move you should make to modernise your manufacturing process. It’s a smart investment if you’re aiming towards cutting labour costs and increasing the throughput with strengthening your position on the market.


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