Air Quality Measuring Instruments: Trends in Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Air quality is something that we have mostly taken for granted since in this day and age there are so many pollutants in the air. Luckily, there is technology that can measure the quality of your air and tell you certain things about the air around you that we can’t see or sense. While there are many air quality measuring instruments out there we have rounded up four that seem to be the most popular. Below we will be covering the specification of these air quality measuring instruments as well as any added extras. Hopefully, after reading the reviews yourself, you might go out and pick one up for yourself.

Air Quality Measuring Instruments

E-Instruments AQ Comfort Air Quality Meter

This is one of the latest models in measuring indoor air quality in real time. It is a great choice for homes, offices, schools, and just about anywhere else indoors. This model uses the latest technology in air quality measurement and can display up to 6 parameters at the same time. It comes with the standard CO2 sensor as well as having sensors for carbon monoxide, relative humidity, differential temperature, pressure, and temperature. As well as being able to do all this it is also light weight, durable, and user friendly.

E-Instruments AQ Pro Air Quality Meter

This is a great choice for professionals as you get the latest technology and the option to customize your device. You can choose to incorporate toxic gas sensors when needed in your field. Having the option to customize your device with 8 sensors will allow many professionals to use this in their field of work and set themselves apart from their competition. While it has the standard units such as temperature, humidity, and pressures you can also customize the remaining sensors to either CO2, VOC, CO, NO2, SO2, H2S, O2, NO, or formaldehyde.

Chauvin Arnoux C.A1510 Air Quality Logger

This nifty device can measure CO2, temperature, and humidity so you can make sure you are in a healthy environment. Air quality has become quite a big concern for many people over the globe as it can have an impact on your mental and physical comfort and performance. This little device is well known for its ability to provide you with quick and accurate readings. It can also store up to a whopping 1 million measurements!

E-Instruments Comfort -1 Carbon Dioxide Meter

Last but not least is this model which is great for monitoring CO2 in homes, schools, offices, and anywhere else indoors. This is a great piece of technology for both the amateur and professional user. It might be small and compact but it is also very powerful and also comes with a great LED display. It is also incredibly easy to read and very user friendly which is what makes it a very popular choice in air quality measuring instruments.

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