Different 19 Inch Rack Mount Cabinet Sizes Available Online

19 Inch Rack Mount Cabinet

The 19 inch rack mount cabinets have become an essential part of every business office. With a size which is perfect for various applications, the 19-inch frame (or enclosure) has become a standardized cabinet. To find the ideal rack mount cabinet with the right size for your application’s requirements, you need to measure how much space you have in your home of business office, This will indicate how wide your cabinet should be. Most people look for a 3U or 3RU rack mount cabinet. The industry standard rack mount cabinet is 42U tall.

The rack mount cabinets are excellent choices for Internet service facilities, data centers, server rooms and homes. Whether you need a standard, open frame, network or customized 19 inch rack mount cabinet, there is a solution for you. The most common 19 inch rack mount cabinet sizes available online are the following ones:

42U Universal Rack Mount Cabinet – The most common 19 inch rack mount cabinet size is the 42U. Perfect for all types of network equipment and servers, the 42U rack mount cabinet is designed to deal with extremely heavy loads up to 1,400 kg. This universal rack mount cabinet can be used for various applications. Furthermore, most 42U cabinets have an attractive design.

12U Portable Server Rack – If you need to move your server rack frequently from one to another location, a portable 12U server rack might be the perfect solution for you. Portable and flexible, the 12U server racks are made from lightweight materials for more convenient transport. This small 19 inch rack mount cabinet can fit under most tables or desks, allowing you to maximize the floor space. The 12U server rack is compatible for servers and all types of networking equipment.

27U Server Rack – If you have a larger office, you definitely need to consider a taller server rack, like the 27U. The 27U is a 19 inch rack mount cabinet that can hold servers and networking equipment up to 700 kg. With a heavy-duty structure, the 27U server rack is ideal for housing all types of equipment. And the best part: it is available online for immediate sale.


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