The Different Types of Hood Protectors

Utility vehicles are quickly becoming the new Aussie family car. Both the Ford Ranger and the Toyota HiLux were two of the top selling vehicles in the past year. It’s the first time in the Australian auto industry that not one, but two utility vehicles have taken two spots that high in the sales charts. Utility vehicles are often the preferred choice because they’re excellent all-round means of transport. You can hit the off-road with them, commute, tradespeople love them, and they’re great for family trips.

The Ford Ranger doesn’t need any modifications for most of these purposes, except for off-road driving. Unless you want to wash your Ford Ranger every time you take it off the beaten track and risk damaging its paint job from debris, stones and insects, then you should consider buying a Ford Ranger bonnet protector.

Ford Ranger Bonnet Protector

A quality Ford Ranger bonnet protector will protect your windows, and your front rear from airborne debris, stones and insects. They’re made from tough, impact modified materials for long lasting durability, while still complementing your vehicle’s styling. Most bonnet protectors are designed for easy cleaning and are wash safe. They deflect airflow, directing debris and bugs up and above the vehicle to protect its windshield.

There are many different types of bonnet protectors that are designed to fit a specific model, make and year of a vehicle, so there won’t be any shortage of options for the specific model of Ranger you’re driving. They’re aerodynamically efficient and are wear and tear resistant. They’re typically made of vinyl or leather and come in many different colours to coordinate or contrast with the ones of your vehicle. Most of them have great weather protection properties, making them great for wet weather conditions.

On the other hand, you can also opt for a full hood cover, which is typically made from polyester with lycra or spandex for a tight fit. As the name implies, these protectors cover the entire hood and can be customised in various ways. You can print sports and business logos on them, or a specific picture for a special event. They’re super easy to install and uninstall, making them great for game days or events without having to commit permanently.

The last type of protection for your vehicle’s front is the protective film. However, the amount of protection it offers is considerably lower than the one of bonnet and full hood protectors, as often times it protects only against bugs and the sun’s UV rays. This type of protectors typically come with DIY kits that have been pre-cut and shaped to fit the model, the make and the year of the vehicle.

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