How To Pick The Perfect Landscape Evergreen Trees

How about you try something different with your backyard instead of planting just flowers and small pots of bushes? Create an isolated oasis where you can enjoy and not have a care whether your neighbours keep staring and putting pressure on you the entire time. Yes, I am talking about planting a few trees on the sides of your backyard and creating sort of a natural, green wall to surround that area. Not just that you’ll get the convenience of privacy, but you’ll also get so much more green colour to look at. And we all know how beneficial green colour is for the eyes.
Evergreen trees Australia

Talking about looking for a few good samples of evergreen trees Australia wide, it’s important to keep a few things in mind when you do the buying. Even though you may think that this choice is easy, it really isn’t because you want your backyard to look amazing , not like some random mess made of plants and trees, right? So, here’s how to browse the vast offers of evergreen trees Australia wide.

Have in mind your landscape design

To be honest, you can’t just pick any type of evergreen tree and plant it just about anywhere. There are rules in landscape design as well, and one of those rules is to take into consideration the plant’s size, shape, colour and texture before you decide on the place for planting. That means, some trees grow enormously big, while others don’t grow over a meter, which is a feature that can make a huge difference in your landscape vision.


As I mentioned, it’s important to take size into consideration. For instance, evergreens like pine, spruce, fir and arborvitae grow to be enormous, which means they will eventually require a lot more care and attention and can end up completely covering your sight. However, there are trees that eventually lose their branches and don’t offer too much shade, such as pine, for example. Also, due to their capacity to grow too big, these trees aren’t suitable for home planting.


Based on what you want to achieve, you can plant trees that grow up to be very large and rich in their branch crown and therefore cover too much of your backyard. For instance, crowded upright forms planted in front of windows will most certainly block your view, which you won’t like much in spring time. Also, have in mind that a mass of evergreens can result in a very depressing outdoor space. So, choose wisely and don’t clutter the area with trees.

Colour and texture

You can’t even begin to imagine how much the colour of a tree can either complement or completely ruin an outdoor area. The colour of the surrounding environment like the walls, the paths and the ground all affect the entire scenery. For instance, redwood surfaces go perfectly well with blue juniper varieties, dark Japanese yew contrast any colour of brick in the most eye-appealing way, and in winter you want to have scotch-cinnamon orange bark instead of purple-brownish eastern red cedars.

Landscape design basics

There are various styles you can use to design your outdoor area and bottom line is, it all depends on your personal taste. However, you should follow some basic rules like sticking to serenity and simplicity. This means you should use a few evergreens and when you choose them, have a specific purpose on mind: four-season beauty and year-round privacy, maybe?

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