Orthotic Friendly Ladies Shoes: Walk with Comfort & Style

So, after a visit to a specialist, you were prescribed orthotics and now you’re a bit confused. Well, orthotics are corrective devices designed to help treat various foot disorders. They are worn inside a shoe to properly adjust the position of the muscles, tendons and bones of your feet and correct any problems you may have with your gait. When used properly, orthotics can help reduce pain, not only in your feet, but also in other parts of your body, such as your knees, hips and lower back.

orthotic friendly ladies shoes

In order to receive the full benefit of orthotic aids, you need to wear them on a daily basis. In other words, your orthotics need to fit in your footwear at all times – when you’re at work, at a formal event or when engaging in physical exercise. Unfortunately, these corrective aids often didn’t fit in in many popular types of ladies shoes. This goes for narrow or open-toe models such as ballerina flats, sandals, stilettos, court shoes and heels. So, if you’re like me, not being able to wear some of your favourite types of shoes can be heartbreaking.

But if you’re worried that you’ll have to stick to traditional orthopedic shoes in ugly, clunky designs, I have good news for you. Many popular shoe manufacturers such as Klouds, Bugatti, Ara and Verbenas have special lines of stylish orthotic friendly ladies shoes. These shoes are highly fashionable and discretely hide the orthotic aids, so you can look your best and support the health of your feet at the same time.

Mary Janes orthotic shoes

Since orthotics add an extra layer of insulation to the shoes, your feet can often get hot and sweaty, especially if you wear a closed-off type of shoe or socks. That being said, it’s important to check whether the shoes offer a good degree of breathability. For the summertime, orthotic friendly ladies shoes made of textile materials such as canvas, or featuring a mesh design are often more breathable than leather shoes. But if you’re into boots or other types of shoes made of leather, check whether they feature the Active Air Vent technology which consists of a pump that’s hidden in the heels and which draws air from the outside while you’re walking. While this innovative technology allows the feet to breathe, it doesn’t let any water or dirt inside the shoes.

Many orthotic shoe designs are so stylish and attractive that people want to continue wearing them even after they no longer need orthotics. So, if you too want to get more out of your orthotic shoes, look for designs which come with removable insoles. This way, you can take off the insoles while in order to fit your orthotics, and then put them back again when your problem has been successfully corrected.

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