What You Need to Know Before Getting an Air Compressor

Each industry has specialized equipment that is just perfect for whatever specific task it is required to do. These sort of tools and machinery are not very useful in too many situations, but are vital for the purpose that they were designed for. Likewise there are also certain machines that can be used in virtually every field in one way or another.


An air compressor is one such piece of machinery that can be found in nearly every industry and that can serve quite a few purposes. It works by converting the power from its motor into potential energy that is stored in the form of pressurised air. Depending on the exact amount of pressure that they can deliver, they are categorized into three groups: the low 150 psi (pounds per square inch) or below models, the mid 151 to 1000 psi models and the above 1000 psi high pressure air compressors. The pressure that they put out determines the jobs they can be used for, and the pressure is determined by the type of motor that they use.

The motor itself can be one of three different types as well. The electric motor produces the least amount of pressure and is reliant on an electrical power source, making it ideal for smaller rigs or hydraulics that are run indoors. The second type of motor is the diesel one. It is capable of running purely on a fuel source, meaning it can be used outdoors to power medium range equipment and not be burdened by the lack of a power outlet. The final type is the gasoline engine, which is by far the most powerful, and the only one capable of running heavy machinery, like the type found on most construction sites. Unfortunately, because it also has a fuel based engine, it will also generate a lot of fumes as well, making it impossible to run in closed off spaces.

As mentioned before, an air compressor can regularly be found powering jack hammers and other sorts of heavy equipment. They are also commonly found in car repair shops on the car lifts, at gas stations and even as a power source for a few tools like the air sander or nail gun.

Simply put, if you have a need for an air compressor, then it can be a useful tool in nearly any situation. If you don’t currently have a need though, then the good news is that their price is surprisingly reasonable for whenever you might have to get one.


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