Keep Workers and Pedestrians Safe with Crowd Control Barriers

Industrial areas are tricky for many reasons and there is usually a great number of people present involved in various tasks that ought to be fulfilled in a timely manner. This means that there have to be ground rules that everyone will abide by and also helpful additions that signal to everyone where it is safe to move and when. That being said, whether you’re looking for safety equipment for sale in the form of a flexible traffic separator or expanding barriers that help control crowd flow, you can keep vehicles and people in their proper places for maximum efficiency and safety with the following barriers.

Plastic Chains

First, we have plastic chains. These are useful for providing visual warning barrier for construction sites, industrial aisles, loading docks and any other places that require such signalling. Pedestrians and vehicles moving around these sites need to know about the possible hazards. An important detail to have in mind when shopping for this type of safety equipment for sale is that they comes in different colours which carry a special meaning: red is for danger, yellow for caution, and orange for warning. Plastic chains are strong and durable with a UV protectant to avoid fading of the colours. Moreover, these chains have been formulated to be free of heavy metals and phthalates. All in all, this is a budget-friendly tool for crowd control, which is also used for designating safe work zones.

plastic chain

Expanding Barriers

Next, there are the expanding barriers. This type of barriers is a great option for creating separation between multiple areas in both commercial and industrial sites. Expanding barriers are useful for blocking pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Furthermore, they are used to warn pedestrians of slippery floors and possibly dangerous passages. An added feature which makes them simple to use is that they are lightweight and easy to fold up.expanding barriers

Pedestrian Bariers

Third, you can use pedestrian barriers. These tools come in handy for instances when pedestrians need to be guided and protected in risky areas, or in situations and events when the crowd present is quite large and the movement needs to be regulated. All this crowd control is for protective purposes and for avoiding accidents. Pedestrian barriers can also be used to mark out walkways and to provide perimeter security and protection. Pedestrian barriers can be made of steel and plastic. The steel ones are more widely used as they offer more stability and sturdiness. What’s more steel pedestrian barriers cannot be easily breached as they are tougher and feature a high-quality tube construction.

pedestrian barriers

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