How Do Pallet Racks and Add-Ons Make for a Safer and More Efficient Warehouse

It’s no secret that organization is key in any warehouse setting if you want to maximize the efficiency and thus, the profit of your business. Being able to fully utilize your space in a simple, safe and efficient manner should be a top priority for every warehouse manager. With that being said, it’s completely possible to increase the storage capacity of your warehouse, as well as the safety and efficiency of your employees. The answer is very simple – installing a pallet racking system with all the needed add-ons and accessories.

Pallet racks are made of high-quality, sturdy and durable materials, which means that having your products neatly placed on them can greatly reduce the chances of damage. They are installed in such a way that they allow warehouse employees to walk around freely and access the inventory in a fast and safe manner.

Pallet Rack Post Protectors

Next, you can install add-ons and accessories, such as pallet rack post protectors, which keep the frames of the pallet racks safe from loading equipment. Most pallet rack post protectors come either in orange or yellow, so that they’re visible even if the lights are dimmed down.

Furthermore, you can install pallet rack guard rails as they can prevent costly rack damages that can result in productivity losses, warehouse downtime and cost a lot to repair. Alongside guard rails, you can also put pallet supports which enable the storage of pallets that aren’t deep enough to fit on the rack frame depth and provide more support to the standard pallets.

Column protectors can also come in very handy, as they increase the amount of abuse the pallet rack can take. These add-ons are typically adjustable and do not need any bolts to be installed on the rack. However, there are models that need to be bolted, but given the construction of pallet racks, installing them is rather easy.

Lastly, corner bumper guards protect pedestrians as they move around the rack space with sharp edges, rack beams and bumper guards. They help prevent cuts, bruises and bumps by providing a cushion in spots where there are higher chances of workers bumping their shoulders and heads.

That being said, a proper pallet racking system with add-ons and accessories can help ensure maximum safety. This means you get more efficiency, less downtime, more productivity and your employees know you care about them. Don’t hesitate to do the proper research today and implement a pallet racking system into your warehouse as soon as possible to reap the various benefits from it.


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