Natural Skincare: Bring out the Best in Your Skin’s Radiance

Beauty has always been important – it’s been so throughout all of the past centuries, and today is no different either. Especially today, since celebrities are more open on social media about what it takes to get glowing skin and delay the visible signs of aging. Isn’t it interesting how most people when they start noticing the first aging signs, particularly those of the skin, start feeling unattractive as if they’ve lost some of the primary beauty?


Having wrinkle-free skin forever is everyone’s dream. Unfortunately, wrinkles do exist and are not going anywhere. So, the question is – what can we do to reverse aging? At least to some extent. Making certain lifestyle changes like quitting smoking, not drinking and not going out in the sun can significantly improve our skin. And so can treating skin with the right products. Natural skincare products that is.

With everyday use of natural skincare cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and serums created from natural ingredients, like plant extracts, containing a high amount of vitamins, and antioxidant, we can protect and care for the skin. Unlike synthetic products which are loaded with toxins (such as parabens, silicones, artificial colours, etc), natural skincare products are rich in natural actives which can help improve skin elasticity and fight the signs of aging.

Natural botanical extracts, essential oils and solvent-free oils used in all natural skincare products target the fine lines and wrinkles, assist with cell regeneration, promote a youthful appearance, slow oxidation, provide a healthy glowing complexion and boost skin hydration as they replenish the skin’s lipid barrier.

Normally, a cell takes 28 days to reach the surface of the skin and be shed (i.e. become dead skin cell), and as soon as a person reaches the late twenties, this process starts slowing down naturally. In other words, the production of collagen level starts declining, the very level necessary in keeping the skin’s firmness, so the result is lessening of elasticity, and cell turnover. There’s also slowing of the nourishment to the layers of the epidermis, especially the lower ones, through the blood flow.

Of course, the progress of this process of maturity depends on the products you use, lifestyle, health, physical activity, and diet you have, as well as the heredity. Certain habits, such as drinking sodas regularly, not using sunscreen, sleeping on sides, doing repetitive facial movements, smoking, and even washing the face more than once a day with soap can lead to fine lines and wrinkles.

What you can do is stay well hydrated every day, implement a workout routine that suits you most, get rid of unhealthy habits, start sleeping on your back, and never forget to use sunscreen no matter the season.

Moreover, pay attention to the food you consume. Choose ingredients and dishes known for being anti-aging to prevent the loss of elasticity as much as you can, and don’t forget to carefully choose and use adequate skincare as mentioned previously.

It’s also important to stay positive about maturity, and even aging itself – it’s the way life works, and life is a miracle in its own.


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