How to Order the Right Men’s Ring Gift Online

Rings are definitely not just a women’s thing. A lot of men have been wearing rings that complement their attire and enrich their style for quite a while now. The times when only a wedding ring could’ve been found on a man’s finger are gone for good!

Men's Ring


If you’re thinking about getting your man a ring as a gift, you have yourself a great surprise idea! Rings are an ideal gift for many reasons. Durable, beautiful, and meaningful, they will always serve as a reminder of you and how much you care.

We’re not always free enough to go browse for rings in person, so many people opt for ordering one online. It’s an easy enough task, but there are a few things you need to do to make sure you get everything right!

Know His Size

Before you start browsing the gorgeous man rings online, you need to be equipped with the most crucial knowledge of all – your man’s ring size. This will be easy if you’re married and he has a wedding band, but for those who are buying for a friend, family member, or boyfriend it might be a bit tricky.

One foolproof way to determine a man ring size is by getting your hands on a ring he already owns. Get it, trace around it on a piece of paper, or measure it with a ruler or tape measure. Then, look up ring size charts online and voila! You have the size you’re looking for!

When using this method pay close attention to which finger your man wears this ring on. If you’re shopping for a wedding band, for example, you’ll need to pick a size for the appropriate finger, so scale up or down depending on that!

Another way to figure out his ring size is by having him try out one of your own rings. You can do this playfully so as to not tip him off and see which finger, if any, fits. Once you have a general idea, it will be much easier to assume the right size by comparing it to the size of your own ring. You can also do this with a male friend’s ring. It will probably give you a more accurate idea.

Lastly, you can phone his mum, sister, brother, or friend and ask them if they know his ring size. If they do – great! If they don’t, however, you can ask them to inconspicuously find out for you. There are many creative ways to get the information you’d like without being obvious! Go with the person that is most likely to execute this without giving anything away!

Men's Ring


Know His Style

Gold? White gold? Silver? Rose gold? Black? Plain? Embedded diamond? Patterned? You really need answers to these questions!

We’re sure you’d like for your man to actually wear the ring you get him and determining the style he’d be into is key. Since you’re doing this as a surprise, you don’t have the luxury of straight-up asking, but you can pay attention to details to find out!

Does he wear a watch? If so, what colour is it? Any belt buckles, shoe accessories, pins, earrings? If you’re dealing with a stylish guy you’ll have no issue determining his preferred type. If your man is into more plain and practical things, though, you’ll need to put in a bit more effort.

Either way, what you need to do is find something that will match his overall style and look. Make sure to get something that matches accessories he already owns as that’s your safest bet, plus it’s a nice way to add to his attire.

If he doesn’t have many accessories, then turn to what you already know about him. Chances are you guys know each other pretty well, so you can probably assume what he’d like and what would be a no-go for him.

The “phone a friend” helpline is also good here!

Men's Ring


Plan Ahead

You’ll be needing all this information and it will take you a while to acquire it. Then it’s off to various websites to find the perfect match. That’s why time is imperative and you shouldn’t leave the shopping at the last minute.

We’d recommend leaving about two or three weeks for the full process. This way you’ll have enough time to get the info you need and then browse away until you find the ring you’re looking for. We’re not joking when we say – there are a lot of options for men rings online.

You also need to keep in mind that delivery will take up some time as well and that what the site says the delivery time will be might not always be the case. Delays can happen for countless reasons, so save yourself a headache and plan ahead!

Following this rule is especially important if you need the ring on a special date, like a birthday or an anniversary. Having it in the house and hiding it in a drawer for a few days is much better than worrying if it will make it to your house on time at all.

When we’re at delivery, make sure you pick a time when only you can answer the door, or have it delivered to a friend’s house to collect later. It’s all in the spirit of the surprise!

Final Thoughts

Exchanging rings is a tradition that goes back nearly 3000 years and it’s not ready to retire just yet! Stylish and meaningful, a ring is a great gift idea, especially when it’s a surprise gift! You can get the ring inscribed with a special message or a date so your man can always be reminded of that special moment. Perfect as a unique Valentine’s day gift, isn’t it?

Always make sure the ring you’re getting is well-made and genuine. Since you’re ordering online don’t be thrown off if what arrives isn’t exactly what you were looking for. That’s exactly why we recommend giving yourself plenty of time.

You can always return the ring and get a different one instead, or have the ring you’ve ordered resized. You can even do a test-order and have a friend try it on so you can better determine his size, though this is not an ideal option and involves much hassle for both you and the retailer.

Either way, take it slow and look around carefully. We’re sure the thought and effort you put in choosing the right ring will show and your man will love wearing it every day!

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