Ladies, Here’s Why You’ll Love Bamboo Underwear!

Even if you put on a fantastic outfit on the outside, it’s hard to feel confident if you’re not feeling comfortable on the inside. Investing in our inner layers as much as we do in our outer ones, can help us women feel better about our bodies and be more self-confident. Underwear gets into contact with the most intimate and sensitive parts of our bodies, and therefore, looks shouldn’t be the deciding factor when buying.

Of course, you can get yourself a sultry body suit, or some laced-up bikini briefs for those special occasions, but what you wear daily should be above all healthy and comfortable. And when it comes to healthy and comfortable underwear fabrics, nothing beats bamboo. Here are some amazing reasons you’ll absolutely love ladies bamboo underwear.


Luxuriously Soft

Life’s too short to put up with uncomfortable, scratchy underwear. Although cotton is soft, it tends to stick to our skin and does not do much for us in terms of comfort. If you want to go organic (and healthy) the best material nature has to offer is bamboo. When you discover its luscious feel on the skin, you will never want a different pair of undies again.

Extremely Breathable

Most women’s underwear today is only fairly breathable. When it comes to breathable underwear, we’ve all heard the usual – cotton, cotton, cotton. But when we get sweaty, cotton underwear sticks to our skin and stays wet longer, which is not at all pleasant. Bamboo is a beautiful alternative for cotton when it comes to breathability. Ladies bamboo underwear is not only breathable but is also moisture absorbent which means it keeps the skin dry and fresh longer.



Not only is ladies bamboo underwear breathable and moisture absorbent it can also balance body heat, meaning you’ll never get hot or cold wearing it. The structure of bamboo’s fibres is exceptionally good in all kinds of temperatures, keeping the person wearing it relaxingly cool in the summer, and comfy warm in the winter. Unlike silk underwear that only feels comfortable during the warmer months, bamboo is a year-round staple piece.

Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal

When shopping for underwear, you should only have one concern – is it good for your vaginal health? When exercising and moving a lot, so many materials can become breathing grounds for bacteria and trigger nasty vaginal and yeast infections. But bamboo fabric has a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent called “bamboo kun” that can keep germs away from your most private parts. Because of this, bamboo underwear is also a good choice for anyone suffering from skin sensitivities and prone to panty rashes.

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