Important Things You Should Know about Sheet Masks

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No doubt you’ve already heard about the newest trend in the beauty industry – sheet mask skin care. The interesting thing about these masks is that they are designed to be applied on the face and tossed after use. How come?! Well, these masks are individually packed and designed for one use only. As the name implies, a face sheet mask is a cloth sheet that has holes for the eyes, nose and mouth. The cloth is soaked in some kind of serum which is designed to feed your skin and nourish it in no time.

Do Face Sheet Masks Actually Work?

Just like with every other facial mask, the sheet ones are designed to hydrate your skin and give it the needed vitamins and minerals. Hyaluronic acid and vitamins of all kinds are the main ingredients in these masks which are then dissolved in the water. The sheet of the mask prevents the water to evaporate quickly, extending the time needed for the ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin. When used regularly and properly, the results will come in no time, just like with paste facial masks. One huge difference is that sheet masks are more convenient and easy to use.

How to Use It?

face sheet mask


All you need to do is to wash your face before you apply the mask. Since it needs to be applied on a clean face, make sure that you remove any excess makeup. Once done, this little beauty helper needs to sit on your face for about 20 – 30 minutes after which you should take it off and throw it in the garbage. The beauty in a face sheet mask lies in the fact that you can use it when resting, watching a TV or even when cooking and cleaning. This is because all of them are extremely wet and soaked in the hydrating serums and solutions which act as a ‘glue’, helping them to stay in place.

Where Were They First Used?

These face masks originate from South Korea and Japan and there they were recognised for their success in the cosmetic and skincare industry early on. Nowadays, these masks are extremely popular all over the world because they look fun while being extremely nourishing at the same time.

What Are They Made of?

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These masks are made of different type of fabric, out of which there are four most commonly used ones.

  • Non-Woven Fibre – Sheet face masks made of non-woven fibre are usually inexpensive since this material is quite affordable. However, it has a low capacity to deliver the ingredients into the skin which makes is the least desirable choice.
  • Cotton – Although cotton is considered a great fabric, when used as a sheet face mask, it can’t help the serum penetrate deep into the skin. However, it is considered a better choice when compared to the non-woven fibre type.
  • Hydrogel – Masks made of this material are a little pricier than the two aforementioned options but offer greater absorption. Usually, these masks have two separate parts which allow for easier application.
  • Bio-Cellulose – Without a doubt, this is one of the most sought-after types of face masks. Apart from being completely natural, they also offer the best absorption properties.

Are There Any Sizes?

No. These sheets are one-size-fits-all masks and since every face is different, it is recommended to start applying them from the forehead down. Once you get comfy with them, you can use them as many times as you want throughout the week. However, it is best to check on the back of the packaging as different masks and brands have different purposes and active ingredients. While some can be used several times during the day, others might have a limitation to be used only 2-3 times a week.

Do You Wash Your Face After Sheet Mask?

Another good thing about these wonder masks is that you don’t need to wash your face after applying. Once removed, let your skin soak up the serum residue or you can simply spread it on your neck by gently massaging the skin.

Are There Any Negative Effects of Using Them?

girl having a bath and a sheet mask on her face


The purpose of these masks is to nourish the skin, not to exfoliate it. So if exfoliation is what you need, you need to go for another type. Other than that, these masks can really give your skin the needed glow and even out your skin tone. Keep in mind that the low-quality sheet masks have a lot of water and low-quality serum and vitamins which usually evaporate really fast. In other words, the serums in these masks will evaporate before they get into the deeper layer of your skin and that makes them a real waste of time.

Can I Use Expired Face Sheet Mask?

Well, just like with everything else, using a facial mask with an expired date is not recommended because the mask would not give you the needed result. Simple as that. The ingredients present in the mask would have lost the quality which makes the mask less beneficial for your skin.

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