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All perfume lovers have experienced that anxious feeling that comes with the last spritz of their favorite perfume and the wish to buy and try a new one. Wandering through perfumeries, trying on different samples and getting frustrated over high prices are just some of the things you are going to experience in order to find the right perfume. If you want to find your scent at a reasonable price, but still do not want to wander through the crowded perfume shops, there are many available perfume online stores, which offer discount authentic designer fragrances. Nowadays, discount perfume online is not a synonym for a 100% fake perfume or a bad copy.

The prices of all designers perfume online are reasonable mainly because of the large competition. To attract more customers, perfume online retailers offer free shipping, promotions or gift vouchers to their customers. There are numerous reputable and available online fragrance stores like www.feelingsexy.com.au, where you can find a wide range of genuine designer perfumes like Dior, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel perfume, Kenzo perfume and many more. You will surely not make a mistake if you decide to buy some new fragrance online from the timeless designers like Chanel or Kenzo perfume lines.

  • Gabrielle Chanel is the creator of the eponymous fashion house “Chanel” named after her family name. The brand was established in 1910. She revolutionized fashion with her innovative and at the same time, simple yet elegant designs. The first revolution comes with her ladies pants. Revolution because until then women wore only skirts. She led the company until her death in 1971. A similar revolution occurred after the launch of the first Chanel perfume bearing the logo of Chanel. The name of the first Chanel perfume is the legendary “Chanel N ° 5”, launched in 1921. This Chanel perfume keeps the leading position of best-selling perfumes for decades now. The fashion house has over 50 perfumes that are created by famous designers.
  • Kenzo is a Japanese fashion house founded in 1970 by the designer Kenzo Takada. Kenzo is credited as a unique designer’s house representing a mix of the traditional Japanese lines with influences of multiculturalism and nature. The first Kenzo perfume “Ca Sent Beau” was introduced in 1988 and enjoyed immediate success. After this, a series of successful men and women fragrances have been offered, including the flagship Kenzo perfume “Flower”.

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