Say It With Flowers: Valentine’s Day Bouquet Ideas for Different Personalities

The custom of gifting roses on Valentine’s Day has its origins in the late 17th century. Traditions, however, can get a little stuffy, and for some people, the thought of receiving yet another bunch of grocery-store flowers can make them roll their eyes.

That said, if you want to go with this type of gift, it’s crucial to send the loveliest bouquet possible from a reliable Valentine’s Day flower delivery service. Putting in the effort and sending something that really speaks to your partner will make all the difference. when done properly, floral arrangements make the ideal Valentine presents for girlfriends, wives, mothers, daughters, or any other type of person on your list.

However, choosing the ideal Valentine’s Day flowers might seem overwhelming with so many different varieties, colours, shapes, and sizes available. To make it easier for you, here are a few thoughtful gift ideas tailored to different personality types and tastes.

For the Hopeless Romantic

Roses with different color

If your partner is a hopeless romantic, look to buy something both lovely and classic. Nothing is more traditional for Valentine’s Day flowers than a dozen long-stemmed red roses. If your budget permits, choose two dozen or even 99 roses to make a really grand gesture.

Considering an alternative to red? Here are the meanings of each of the several rose colours.

  • White – A brand new love. White roses are ideal if you’ve just entered into a relationship as they symbolise new beginnings and a blank page
  • Yellow – Friendship. Who said Valentine’s Day was just for couples? Yellow roses are the perfect way to let your platonic friends know how much they mean to you.
  • Purple – Infatuation and passion. Want to honour a committed partnership? If you and your spouse truly intend to be together “till death do us part”, this is the rose colour for you two!
  • Lavender – A special love. Every love story is unique, no doubt about that, but perhaps there’s something about your love story that’s rarely found in others. Celebrate it with lavender roses if you believe it has its own special twist.
  • Deep pink – Gratitude. Do you believe your partner has recently done something for you for which you are grateful? Use this rose-shaped expression to show your gratitude!

For the Goth Fan

Woman is holding a bouquet of black roses

Is black your loved one’s favourite colour? Are they a fan of Wednesday the show or perhaps they love listening to some edgy Gothic rock? Give them a bouquet of all-black roses that really puts a goth twist on the age-old Valentine’s tradition. Send a captivating and elegant black rose bouquet to capture their attention and make an unforgettable impression.

For the Lover of Exotic Places

Tropical Bouquet

This Valentine’s Day, you won’t be able to take a romantic getaway. That’s alright. A tropical bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers will help you recreate your vacation at home. Let the vivid hues and lush surroundings encourage you and your partner to fantasise about a trip to one of the Caribbean islands with the fewest tourists.

When it comes to exotic flowers, Bird of paradise has got the kind of colours that resemble those burning sunsets tropical destinations are famous for. Another great option is a bouquet made of Calla lilies. These are indigenous to South Africa and distinguished by their distinctive fluted petals and vivid green leaves and can look fantastic in a vase.

For the Minimalist

Minimalist bouquet with baby breath and two roses

Keep it simple and elegant when selecting a bouquet for your minimalist sweetheart. A modest bouquet of delicately hued roses or orchids, or a beautiful collection of tiny blossoms, would be appreciated by your Valentine. Baby’s Breath, Fairy Foxglove and Forget-me-not are some of the loveliest blooms for a cute minimalist bouquet.

For the One with a Black Thumb

woman holding Dried Flower Bouquet

Choose a low-maintenance bouquet that your Valentine can keep on display all year if they struggle to maintain plants or flowers alive. Every style of dried flower bouquet is available, from understated to spectacular. And if you want to give them something that besides looking lovely is also going to infuse their space with a soothing scent, an arrangement that includes Lavender or Lotus is a great choice.

For Allergy Sufferers

pink anthurium bouquet

You should look for a hypoallergenic flower or plant if the thought of flowers makes you (or the recipient) sneeze. A safe bet is a pink anthurium, whose blooms are actually modified waxy leaves rather than flowers, or a vibrant cactus. And if you insist on flowers, tulips are a wonderful option for allergy sufferers because they have a very low pollen count.

For the Insta-obsessed

two boxes of preserved roses for valentine's day

Even though you might not care much about fashion trends, if you’re with someone who does and loves to flaunt them on Instagram, your best bet for Valentine’s Day flowers is a stylish bouquet. Give them a bouquet of exquisite flowers designed by a high-end fashion designer, or choose a box of perfectly preserved roses that they can place in their walk-in closet with their favourite clothing items.


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