How to Make Coffee Drinking More Enjoyable

Coffee is always a good idea! Not only because of the exquisite flavours and varieties that it comes in but also because it’s rich in antioxidants, such as polyphenols, magnesium, potassium, vitamins B2, B3 and B5. When taken in moderation (two to three cups a day) it can be a powerful weapon to fight fatigue, increase energy and boost your mood.

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Furthermore, it helps eliminate free radicals, it boosts your metabolism which leads to fat burning, it reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, heart diseases, some types of cancer, liver cirrhosis, and depression. So, unless you’re pregnant, have caffeine sensitivity or certain heart conditions, coffee is more than welcomed in your life.

Why Coffee Mugs Matter?

While the quality of coffee is what makes a world of difference in your drinking experience so does the cup you drink from. One thing is for sure though, when you set out to buy unique cups, you’ll have a wide array of options to choose from. Most models are made with functionality in mind as they can double as cups for other hot and cold drinks, soup, or when you grow tired of them drinking coffee from them, you can even use them as pots for plants. So the problem isn’t in the lack of variety, but in how to find the ideal one for you.

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It’s no secret that we also taste with our eyes, our brains play tricks on us in such a way that the visual stimuli have a huge impact on our taste buds; in the realm of coffee, the cups we drink from tend to intensify the taste since we first lay our eyes on the coffee before actually drinking it. So, in a way, the cup you choose, its texture, size and shape can optimise your sensory experience, shows research.

So why does coffee taste differently (in a bad way) when served in plastic and paper cups than it does when served in a ceramic cup, for example? Because plastic and paper alter the flavour, whereas with ceramics you get to taste its real flavour. Therefore, what your unique cups are made of matters greatly. Likewise, in terms of size, there should be enough space between the coffee and the top of the cup, so as to experience the aroma fully, incorporating the nose in the tasting too.

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In turn, the shape plays a role in how quickly the coffee cools down, which is also related to the material the mug is made from. For instance, glass cups with a narrower design keep beverages hot longer. The drawback with such designs is they take away your focus of enjoying the coffee as you end up burning your hands or lips, to the point of not drinking it fully, forgetting about sensing the different flavours and taking care of the burns instead.

Choose the Ideal Mug

Even though coffee is one of the most consumed drinks worldwide, with almost 10 million tons of coffees per year sold, which translates to over 2.25 billion cups, the drinking vessels still don’t get the deserved importance. Sure, coffee lovers have their favourite cups that they use daily, but knowing the essence they have in the whole coffee-drinking experience, it’s time to start choosing our unique coffee mugs more mindfully if we want to enhance the flavour.

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First things first, it’s necessary to choose cups that are meant for hot beverages. Though it’s an obvious aspect, it’s important to emphasize it because sometimes we choose cups just for their aesthetics, only to find out afterwards that they’re not exactly ideal for serving hot coffee.

Next comes the type of coffee that you commonly drink. For instance, cappuccino is always served in a bigger cup (5-6 oz.), whereas espresso in a small one (2-3 oz.), which indicates how strong the coffee is. Likewise, the best cup size for you will also depend on how much you like filling up your cup. So if you’re the type of person who enjoys slowly drinking a double dose, it’s wise to buy a mug in a shape that doesn’t let much of the warmth and aroma disappear quickly.

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Depending on how practical you want your cups to be, you can choose from cups with handles (which make it easier to hold your coffee without spilling it or burning your hand) and lids if you want to retain the warmth longer and protect your coffee from dust. Lastly, when choosing the material, it’s much better to opt for a ceramic cup because it doesn’t alter the taste, it helps retain the perfect temperature, and it’s easy to wash afterwards as it doesn’t retain flavours. The next time you drink up, appreciate your cup!


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