Importance of Drinking Enough Water & Benefits of Natural Flavoring

Water is the one drink you should always carry around with you because by the time you actually start to feel thirsty, your body is already dehydrated. The sole fact that the body consists of about 60% water is enough proof that it’s performance depends very much of this life-giving liquid. Without proper hydration all the systems in the body will lack the strength needed to fight off illnesses and infections, which in turn can considerably affect your overall well-being.

water flavouring without artificial sweeteners

For instance, water is of huge importance for the digestive system. To flush out all the waste and bacteria accumulated in the body, the digestive system needs plenty of H2O. The largest organ in your body – the skin, naturally needs a healthy dose of H2O to function properly. Glowing skin and water go hand in hand. Proper hydration can improve the texture and colour of the skin and promotes the creation of new skin cells. Poor water intake, on the other hand, can often contribute to dry and wrinkled skin.

Dehydration affects not only your physical wellbeing and appearance, but your mental health as well. When you’re not drinking enough water you’re more likely to feel grumpy, tired and confused which are all things that can affect concentration and reduce work performance. However, staying hydrated can be a difficult task when you don’t like the plain taste of water. When thirst kicks in, most of us are craving liquids rich in flavour, such as a soda or a sports drink. Therefore, adding more flavour to your water can be the motivation boost you need to give your body the required dose of H2O.

Water enhancers are products designed to improve the plain taste of water and turn it into a delicious beverage. They often come in squeeze bottles and are basically liquid drops that are mixed with water to add flavour and sweetness to it. It’s important to mention that not all water enhancers are created equal, many of them contain artificial flavourings and caffeine and that’s certainly not the healthiest option. The good news is that there are liquid enhancers that add water flavouring without artificial sweeteners, such as the Stevia water drops. They are designed to make your water taste delicious, without the use of any artificial ingredients.

The Stevia leaf is a plant that is naturally sweet and is actually a lot sweeter than refined sugar, therefore only a small amount is needed to instantly transform the taste of plain H2O. Stevia water drops are great for adding water flavouring without artificial sweeteners simply because their main ingredient is purified water combined with organic Stevia leaf extract. Furthermore, they contain no calories, gluten or chemicals, which can often be found in other water enhancers. These natural flavour drops have glycemic index of 0, which means they won’t affect your blood sugar levels. They are available in four different flavours, including lemon lime, strawberry kiwi, peach mango and raspberry lemonade, which are all designed to infuse your water with a dose of delicious sweetness.




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