The Importance of LED Lighting in the Workplace


When it comes to productivity in the workplace, several factors are at play: a good rapport among workers, whether the space is soundproof from the distracting noise outside, a comfortable air temperature, and even the lighting. Actually, the effects of lighting can extend far beyond the workplace. I still believe that it was the weak yellow light at my former workplace which caused me to develop near-sightedness. This was some 15 years ago, way before LED lights became the popular choice for lighting. Today, I’m happy to be working in a comfortable environment that’s lit by the soft warm glow of LEDs. And having experienced both incandescent and LED lighting in the workplace, I can clearly see what difference LEDs make concerning two important areas.


Good visibility is especially important in enclosed and high-activity workspaces such as warehouses and factory plants, but it should also be a requirement everywhere. If a worker isn’t able to see clearly what’s before him, he could get hurt. Also, low visibility can lead to some mistakes in work tasks which can result in defects. But by choosing an effective solution out of the wide choice of Led lights for sale, you are essentially making sure that the environment will have good illumination suitable for all kinds of activities. This is because LEDs, unlike halogen or incandescent bulbs, emit a bright white glow which reduces shadows and makes colours more vivid and visible. But besides to ensure visibility, LEDs are also used for emergency lighting. Because they can come in many different and bright colours, LEDs are perfect as warning signs and directional lights highlighting the nearest stairwells and exits.


Out of all lighting choices for a workplace, LED panels are without a doubt the most common. Clerical offices seem to particularly fancy them because of their brightness which is well distributed throughout the space. Moreover, LED panels are the best choice for when you want to eliminate the eye-straining glare on computers. It’s also important to mention that LED panels do not start to flicker over time, unlike other types of bulbs. Another good choice out of all Led lights for sale is overhead downlighting which also prevents the glare on monitors and reduces shadows. A reliable and dispersed lighting source is a must if you want to preserve worker’s productivity.

Cool white light (4000K) that’s emitted by LED bulbs is more efficient on alertness levels than warm white light emitted by halogen bulbs. Moreover the glow coming from LED lights does not clash with natural lighting but rather disperses in it. While incandescent and halogen bulbs emit a yellowish light which is visibly different from the light coming from the sun. This difference between lighting sources is registered by the brain which can cause confusion and reduce focus, the last thing you want in a working environment.


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