Bariatric Life: Dealing with the Consequences of Overweight and Obesity

While the USA has always been known as the nation of obesity, Australia is not surprisingly on that same path as well. According to shocking statistics of 2014 and 2015, staggering 63.4% of Australian adults were obese or overweight, which means it’s more than half of the population that’s affected, or more specifically every two in three adults. Having all the numbers into account of the statistics, most of us are obese, are related to or know someone who is, which means there’s nothing to be ashamed of – overweight and obesity are part of our society.


However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t health issues that are bound to come as a result of obese life. From having difficulties to go on with basic personal and daily activities, like maintaining personal hygiene, sleeping, cooking or cleaning, to not being able to walk or run, obese life can be overbearing. Thankfully, though, we live in an era of innovations, so there’s the proper bariatric equipment to simplify the bariatric lifestyle. What’s specific about this XXL range of equipment is that it’s designed to have a heavier weight-bearing capacity, with increased build-quality results to cover both the safety and independence of overweight or obese users.

Although there are adequate bariatric equipment pieces one can rely on, there’s still the fact that overweight and obesity leads to shorter lifespan, much shorter to be exact. This goes to show it’s important, along with having the proper aids to help you keep your independence and mobility, to engage as much as you can in exercising. It can be discouraging to go through the challenge of living every day life as an overweight or obese person, but it’s important to stay motivated and work on your flexibility. A little exercise goes a long way in building muscle mass and burning fat, so if you can’t engage in running or hiking, you can at least implement strength building exercise in your day to day schedule; give weights a try!

Of course, last but not least, it’s more than crucial to start paying more attention to what, when and how we eat. If you want to have the desired results, you have to find the adequate diet. You can do so by searching the internet, and find what best suits you. Start keeping a diary, count your daily intake of calories, avoid processed foods, sugar, overeating, and eating at night, and do some yoga if you want to work on your positive view on life. Overeating can’t be your comfort in life, if your mindset has to be worked on.

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