Go Green: 8 Ways to Decorate Your House with Plants

Even if you’re not a fan of plants and flowers, you can’t deny the fact that they look great inside the house. They’re a gorgeous decorative element that enhances the aesthetics and improves your mood. Plants deserve to become a part of every home to liven up the space. There are so many options to choose from, and their arrangement and positioning give you so many decorating opportunities.

Add Baskets

woven plant basket
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Plants come in many shapes and sizes, and they can fit in almost every part of the room. One way to accentuate their beauty is to place them in proper vessels and scatter them throughout your house. To do this, you can get woven hand-made baskets for your plants. They’re a great way to showcase your plants and add style and interest to the space.

There are so many choices on the market and sometimes it can be hard to choose. However, they’re all equally beautiful and serve the same purpose, to host your plants. The first thing to do is to decide on the size. Choose a basket that will match the size of the plants you have. Also, consider the growth potential so you can use them for longer when the plant grows bigger.

Another important thing is breathability and drainage. They can make a big difference in the plant’s growth and health. If the basket has good drainage the water can freely flow through the soil and prevent clogging and rotting. A woven basket will allow good airflow no matter where you place it. This mainly depends on the type of weaving the basket has. Some are closely woven, and some are looser.

Another crucial component of the basket is the handles. Their size and durability will determine how easily you can move the plant around. Make sure they’re big enough if you’re buying a large basket for a large plant. The best materials you should consider are rattan and terracotta. They’ll provide the plant with a safe home and are less likely to break or deteriorate.

These plant keepers will look good in any home. You can place them on the table, bunch them on the side table, mix them with the books on the shelf, in the corner holding a large tree, on the windowsill, or even hand them from the ceiling. They can also have other functions. Depending on their size, they can hold toys, magazines, laundry or anything else you can fit.

Use Hanging Pots

Hanging pots are a great way to incorporate more greenery inside your home. If you don’t have enough floor room or every space is already filled, you can still use the ceiling. They’re great for the bathroom. Even small bathrooms can have greenery with them. Hang them above the tub and they’ll be a breath of fresh air. The dining room is also a nice spot for them. If there’s a big window hang them on the curtain rod.

Living room corners can liven up if you add a few hanging plants. They can add extra freshness and more colour. Reading nooks are very popular, and if you have one you know how important plants are. These nooks are small spaces so hanging pots can make a big difference. You’ll have the plant without compromising space.

These pots combined with decorative and intricately knitted hangers can replace artwork. Instead of a big painting, you can hang the pots at different levels and create some visual interest. They’re also great for the children’s room. They won’t overwhelm the space but still add freshness and cosiness.

Repurpose a Bar Cart

If you’re not using your bar cart anymore, now it’s the time to repurpose it. It can easily be transformed into a plant stand. It already has wheels which make it easy to move around so you can change its position once in a while.

These carts often have different height shelves, which will make the setup fun. You can add baskets with tall plants at the top and use the bottom part for shorter ones. Placing the cart in the hallways can make a statement and let everybody who enters your home know how much you love greenery.

Wrap Vines Around the Mirror and Windows

Vines can be very fun to work with. Their length and shape allow you to play with their placement. One way you can accentuate their beauty is to wrap them around the mirror as a frame. You can do the same with the windows if the vines are long enough. This placement will liven up the space, and make everything feel natural. Besides the wonderful sight, you’ll keep the leaves away from the floor where someone can damage them.

Vines also look good when you let them flow on the curtain rod. They can create a curtain of their own by hanging it down. If you feel they’re too low just give them a little trim. Vines add a sense of depth and create texture like no other plant so don’t hesitate to bring them into your home.

Don’t Forget the Bathroom

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Bathroom walls can sometimes become dull and plain. However, adding a shelf that holds a few plants can change the whole appearance. This is the perfect spot for the fun and elegant air plants. They can add a nice finishing touch to the space, more colour and some texture. If the bathroom is small, go vertical. If you have an empty corner, a big tree plant will look amazing.

Place Tall Trees in Open Spaces

One or two smartly positioned tall tree plants can fill up an empty room and make a statement. They can be a great accessory, in internal design elements just like a piece of furniture. Buy a bigger basket for plants and place the tree inside to get more texture and another layer of colours.

Go Vertical

Vertically placed plats are a very pretty sight. You can play with their shape and size. Arrange them from smallest to biggest from top to bottom or vice versa. You can also arrange them according to their colour and create a nice rainbow effect. The opportunities are endless. All you need is a bit of creativity.

Use the Shelves

Of course, don’t forget the shelves. They’re an integral part of plant arrangement and can hold many different plant shapes and sizes. They can be a nice spot for your flower vases as well. Floating shelves are a big hit right now and look amazing in modern and contemporary homes. Don’t restrain yourself, incorporate as much greenery as you can. Use every space available and your home will be an oasis of rest and relaxation.


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