What Type Of Protein Is Best For You?

By adding protein powder to your diet you will gain energy, lose the appetite for those unhealthy late night snacks and build amazingly shaped body as well! If you are heavily into body-building, it will make your muscles bigger, much like those of Chris Patt! All you need to do is learn how to distinguish among the different types of protein. Once you start working out regularly, you will learn that every stage requires different type of protein and luckily you can find the best protein powder online Australia wide.

Protein Powder Online Australia

Whey Concentrate

Whey is the most basic protein that beginners use. If you are just getting into bodybuilding this is the right step for you. It is inexpensive and you can find it in every supplements store. You can use it both before and after the workout and can be sometimes used as a snack before dinner.

Casein Protein

This protein is the next step after whey. Once you start using it – consider that you have upgraded your beginner’s workout routine. You can use it as a meal, or instead of a late night snack – this protein takes a lot time to break down – therefore it feeds your muscles even while you are asleep. Casein keeps your body absorbing nutrients and will be constantly supplying your muscles with the required nutrition for hours after the consumption.

Egg Album

Egg album is amino acid that you can either use it in a raw form that comes from an egg or through a protein powder. Many meal replacement products have egg albumin inside since they are designed to keep your energy level high throughout the day.

Milk Protein Isolate

This protein is generally used in combination with other types of protein. It contains both casein and whey, and that makes it the perfect combination for muscle formation. It is quite delirious, so you can also use it instead of a snack.

Soy Protein

Soy protein is not so much popular supplement for bodybuilders, but still offers a good source of proteins for vegetarians and vegans. It is full of glutamine and arginine – elements that help relax your blood vessels and help you with your workout recovery. Individuals who have problem with high cholesterol use it as it has the isoflavones that help regulate it to a normal level. This protein can be used before or after workout and also as a power snack, although it should be avoided in the late hours.


After you have chosen the perfect protein powder online Australia is the perfect place to show off your abs. The great variety of choices gives you a chance to try them out, see the results and stick with the one that suits you the best. Some people can handle high concentrates and use them all the time, others are lactose intolerant and stick with the whey or soy isolate. Whatever you choose, be consistent and patient – the results will follow.


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