Unique Birthday Gifts for Friends Who Have Everything

You too have a friend that is just impossible to shop for? We all have someone in our lives that already has everything! The secret to buying the perfect gift for these people is creativity. With a little bit of imagination and vision, you’ll get to buy outstanding gifts for even the most challenging recipient. Forget about the usual humdrum gifts and start to think about the not so common presents that your friend may actually use.

A Birthday Hamper

birthday hamper
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What makes hampers great birthday gifts is that they put together a whole bunch of items, loved by all kinds of people in beautiful packaging. But to get it right, the hamper should reflect the tastes and personality of the recipient. So, if your friend is a tea lover or chocolate enthusiast, choose the hamper accordingly.

When shopping for birthday hampers you’ll come across a range of high-quality hampers packed with premium and unique items. Such products are generally hard to find in regular outlets and are only available for a limited time. Extravagant indulgences can include artisanal cheeses, exquisite wines, and deluxe chocolates.

You’ll also notice that they come in different types of packaging – from boxes to buckets to trays. Packing adds style to the whole look and feel of the gift hamper. Plus, the items are arranged firmly, so you don’t have to worry about them toppling over or breaking as they will remain intact.

The best part is you won’t have to break the bank to get your friend a gift hamper. A wide range of birthday hampers is available at different prices. You can surely find the perfect hamper that is within your budget. The cost of these beautiful baskets is set according to the content and can range between $60 to $500 approximately. If you check the hamper closely, you’ll realize that you’re getting your money’s worth when you are listing the items and individually calculating their prices.

Regardless of the sex and age of your gift recipient, they will surely love to have a wholesome package filled with their favourite snacks, beverages, and decadent sweets. They’ll also appreciate the gesture, knowing that you actually paid attention to their taste. In case you don’t know which type of hamper to choose, you can opt for one with the popular favourites like chocolates, doughnuts, wines, etc. There is certainly something that your friend will love!

A Beer Kit Starter

Beer lovers can be spotted from far away. It’s that person who always comes to parties with a 6-pack, or the one who insists it isn’t game day without a cold one in hand, or the one who spends which beer on tap to order at a restaurant. On their birthday, celebrate them with a gift they’ll actually love. A starter kit beer is unique, thoughtful, and cooler than anything else they’ve gotten while still being totally in line with their beer obsession.

There are different types of starter kit beer to choose from. They typically fall into one of three general categories: department store kits, small-batch homebrew store kits, and classic homebrew store kits. Department store kits are the most available. These kits often come with plastic bottles and caps, ingredients for a basic beer and a small fermentation vessel. These kits usually have good equipment and allow the production of good-tasting beers.

Small-batch homebrew store kits make 3.8 to 7.6 litres of beer at a time using the same ingredients and processes that experienced brewers use – just on a small scale. These kits offer excellent value and an easy introduction to the hobby. Both the ingredients and the equipment are usually top-notch. The classic homebrew store kits, although a little pricier than the other two options, brew 19 litres of beer at a time.

This of course takes slightly more time than brewing four or eight litres and the equipment also require more space. No matter which starter kit beer you choose, they all make excellent choices for brewing beet at home. One of the best things about homebrewing is that the hobby can be as small or as large as the person likes and can be easily adapted to fit the person’s lifestyle. It’s also a perfect addition to the versatile birthday hampers!

A Type of Membership or Subscription

netflix gift membership
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You can give your friend access to a year’s worth of entertainment through a video streaming service like Netflix. If he/she is a music or book lover, you can give them an audiobook service like Audible, or a music service like Spotify. You could opt for a membership to anything from magazine to gin to museum subscriptions.

If you’re unsure where to start, choose a club or association that would mean something to your recipient and then contact them to find out if they offer gift memberships for purchase. Every time your friend accesses his/her membership benefits, he/she will think of you.

An Experience

Friends who have everything don’t need another knickknack to clutter up their living room or another toy to play with for a couple of days and then set it aside. Think beyond physical items and give your friend an experience instead.

When you prepay for an experience or event, your friend gets a fun adventure to remember and can possibly gain new skills and memories – all of which can be much more valuable than a pair of shoes or a new iPhone speaker. Not to mention that it’s also a more thoughtful gift, showing your friend you took the time to plan for something thoughtful rather than buying them another bland gift set.

Examples of great experience gifts include a massage, sporting event tickets, concert or theatre tickets, a hot air balloon ride, skydiving, tickets to a gallery opening at a local museum, wine tasting, or whitewater rafting to name a few.

A Shakti Mat

Shakti mat
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If your friend has been complaining about back pain, stress, or fatigue, then a shakti mat can be the perfect gift for him/her. Shakti mats are acupressure mats designed to provide comparable results as acupressure massage. But unlike acupuncture, which involves inserting thin needles at various acupoints on the body, acupressure is non-invasive and relieves aches and pains by diffusing the person’s energy.

Different acupressure mats are available on the market, but original shakti mats will have 6000 acupressure points to stimulate the release of endorphins and a range of other calming hormones. These mats also have the ability to improve blood flow and lymph circulation which has a detoxifying, stimulating and healing effect. The release of endorphins triggers a self-healing mechanism in the body and also blocks pain.

After the massage, your friend will experience a sense of deep relaxation, well-being, and even increased levels of happiness. Not only does a shakti mat provide amazing benefits for the body, but it’s also very easy to use. It can be easily placed on a bed or other soft surfaces. A neck pillow or a rolled-up towel should be placed underneath the mat to support the neck.

The person then lies down in a comfortable position so that their skin rests in contact with the point. Initially, 10-15 minutes on the mat is all your friend will need to start feeling the effects. The mat can be used to massage the feet, the neck and shoulders, the back, and the legs. Massaging each part of the body will lead to different benefits. Massaging the feet can help promote circulation and improve energy levels.

A massage on the neck and shoulders can provide an immediate reduction in shoulder and neck tensions as well as rapid relief from headaches. Laying down on the back of the mattress can put the person into a deep, relaxed state and offer relief from upper, lower and middle back pain. Massaging the legs can help relieve restless leg syndrome. As you can see the benefits are many!


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