590 Super N – The Largest Case Backhoe Loader

Recently, Case introduced its newest backhoe loader on the market- the 590 Super N. this Case loader is described as the biggest and largest of all loaders produced by this American manufacturer. The 590 Super N is highly productive machine, capable to perform a variety of tasks quickly and efficiently. Designed with innovative and safety features, like optimum airflow and side lighting, this Case loader is capable to deliver superior results in every working environment. Thanks to the innovative Tier 4 technology, the 590 Super N is suitable for both road building and commercial construction projects. It also increases the fuel efficiency while providing powerful performance and excellent visibility. The following text will highlight the main features of the new Case loader.



The new 590 Super N backhoe loader works efficiently on both loader and backhoe side. With powerful breakout force and excellent reach, this Case loader is a machine for every construction or landscaping task. The PowerLift feature of the 590 Super N backhoe loader increases the productivity significantly, enabling the machine to dig through some of the most demanding and difficult surfaces. It also comes with the highest lifting capacity than all other backhoe loaders that can be found on the market. In order to minimize the material spillage during loading or digging, the operators can choose the 590 Super N version that comes with Ride Control or Auto-Ride Control feature. The operators can also customize the Powershift H-type and Powershift S-type transmissions with SmartClutch modulation. Excellent visibility is provided thanks to the high intensity flex lights which are positioned on both sides of this Case loader.

Fuel Consumption

The new Case loader is designed with the new Tier 4 Interim diesel engine. Thanks to the CEGR technology, the engine of the 590 Super N is more fuel-efficient than the previous Case models. Furthermore, the hydraulic system is specifically designed to deliver better fuel efficiency and more power on the job site.

Comfort And Visibility

Excellent visibility and comfort is what the new Case loader can offer to every operator. With spacious and ergonomically designed cabin, the operators can enjoy in ventilated working space, and can easily communicate with their spotter on the job site. The cabin is designed with floor to ceiling glass for superior visibility. Case includes all the standard features that increase the operator’s comfort: two lever control, foot swing control, and pilot controls for the backhoe. All these unique features create a safe and fatigue free working environment.

Service And Maintenance. Simple and regular maintenance is all what is needed for the 590 Super N backhoe loader. Every major part is easily accessible for routine checks and inspections. In short, this Case loader is a powerful but simple machine, capable to deliver superior results.

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