Plastic Ship Models: History, Art and Fun in One

Building a model can be a challenging yet very rewarding experience. It teaches attention to detail and patience, and with most kits, the builders can learn much about the object they’re reproducing, whether it’s a ship, car, airplane, or other models of real-life or fictional items. A model can be built with different materials, most commonly plastic, wood and die-cast metal. If you’re looking to get into model building, or your child is showing interest in this hobby, plastic kits are a great choice as they require less skill compared to other materials.

model ship

A plastic model kit is a scale model that consists of unassembled parts and is a replica of various objects. It can be found as a snap-together model, which doesn’t require any glue, or some minimal amounts, or a model for assembly using plastic glue. Some of the most popular plastic models these days are model ships and here is all you need to know about them.

What is All the Fuss About Model Ships?

Not all plastic model ships are created equal. What sets them apart is historical accuracy, scale accuracy, and level of detail. The importance of historical accuracy has changed over the years and nowadays, the bar is set high and requires good research and attention to detail. When it comes to scale accuracy, some kits are off in scale, but still good quality. Lastly, the level of detail is not only about details, but also about placing them right.

rc model scale ship

Picking up your first model ship kit can be a challenging task as there are thousands of kits by many different manufacturers. The best way to get started is to determine your skill level and then choose the scale, or size, of the kit and the specific kit. You can select from a variety of plastic ship models and begin your journey into the model building world.

To understand how models are sized, you should know that most kits give a ratio where the first number is always 1 and the lower the second number, the larger the model. In addition to the ratio given, manufacturers usually give a relative size of the finished model, so you can think about where it will fit once it’s done.

The complexity of the project is often given as a skill level. Most commonly, 1 is the lowest and 5 is the most difficult. Make sure you choose the appropriate level when building a model because after all, it’s all about fun. Choosing a project that’s too complex can turn into a frustrating task, while a project that’s too easy can become boring after a while.


Furthermore, choosing the right tools is important, but you don’t have to worry much about it, because most kits have a list of tools and paints needed to complete them. Make sure to read the instructions before you begin with the construction of any model and follow them accordingly. The great thing about this hobby is that once you get some experience and become more confident, you can use your imagination and add some details to make the model your own.

Benefits of This Hobby

Most people pick a hobby to help them unwind and relax, especially in these uncertain times. It can be anything from knitting to fishing, hunting, gardening or homebrewing, just to name a few. An after-work or weekend activity can help you fend off bad habits and provide a lot of benefits to your health and wellbeing.

Lego ship

If you build model ship kits in your free time, chances are you’ve chosen this hobby to set your mind aside from everyday stress and worries. It can improve your creativity and is recommendable for improving mental alertness, learning some fascinating historical facts and providing some distinct benefits, such as the following.

Improve Your Organisational Skills

Depending on the model you choose, it may come with a dozen or with a hundred parts. Nevertheless, at any skill level, you have to be able to finish the project by organising the components and following a list of steps to end up with a beautiful model boat.

Discover Your Artistic Skills

Every model building project is a kind of exercise for the creative side of our brain. In fact, a scale building model is an art form, so you can always feel free to add your personal flair to the project.

Take a Break from Everyday Routine

Building your model ship is a great way to clear your head and take a break from the stresses of everyday life. Spending a couple of hours to build a model can be considered a stress-relieving activity and is especially recommended for people who are involved in high-stress jobs. Scale model building gives you an opportunity to forget about stress by focusing on the detailed steps of the project. On the other hand, you can feel free to be yourself and express your creativity with the paint scheme.

Learn the History of the Models You Choose

sailing model ship

Many people who are involved in this hobby spend hours browsing the web for details about the ship’s history and other relevant facts. Learning about your model before starting your project can be a great inspiration and give you an appreciation for the craftsmanship and design.

Build a Collection

In the end, you have a beautiful scale model of a ship to proudly display on the shelf and appreciate. And if you like collecting things, then this is the right hobby for you.

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