Facing The Giants DVD Available Online

The events in our lives don’t always follow the track of our plans and expectations. Even though we strive to direct and control the events in our lives, at some point we have all experienced moments of desperation and feeling that we’ve lost the control. Sometimes we feel that we don’t have the power to stop the unwanted from happening. But in such moments it is very important not to lose the faith in God, and the faith in ourselves. Moreover, we need to be strong enough to keep going thorough the path we have set in front of us and never give up of our dreams.


One story that points out the importance of keeping the faith and not giving up from our dreams in moments of desperation is told and visualized in a movie called Facing the Giants. It is a Christian drama, directed by Alex Kendrick and filmed in 2006. The DVD of this movie is available for the audience since 2007. On the TV, Facing the Giants was first showed on September 21, 2008. An interesting fact about this movie is that it’s cast was not comprised of professional actors, but of volunteers from the Sherwood Baptist Church.

Grant Taylor is the main character in Facing the Giants. It was acted by the director of the movie, Alex Kendrick. The story in the movie illustrates the rough time through which the football coach Grant Taylor is going through. He faces several difficulties, on private plan he and his wife have come to the point to question the meaning of their marriage, with the fact that he is infertile and will never be able to make his wife a mother of a child. On professional plan, his team is constantly loosing the matches.

The “drop that spilled the glass” and the moment when his desperation reached the highest point in Facing the Giants was when Grant heard from some of the boy’s fathers that he is not good coach and that they should replace him with another one. At that moments he felt so devastated that made him to loose his hope and strength. The high school football teacher Grant Taylor cries out to God in total devastation.

The culmination of events in Facing the Giants happens when Grant receives a message from an unexpected visitor. From that point he starts to look for a new purpose for his team. He gives his maximum with a purpose of developing new philosophy and a new game plan for his team. He starts to teach his players to praise God in every game, no matter if they are loosing or winning the game. He motivates his players to believe that they can do everything with the help of God. He encourages them to believe in themselves and not to look down.

The main “giant” in Facing the Giants is the fear or failure. The message of the story is: If you manage to face your fears and if you believe in God, everything is possible. This movie is available online, and it’s a must see story for every family. Get your DVD sample of Facing the Giants and start making some changes.


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