Heelys Sneakers: A Buyer’s Guide

So your kids are past the scooter and they definitely don’t feel like playing with dolls and little cars on batteries in the backyard or in their bedroom anymore. They start to be more active like to spend more time outside with other children and they feel excited every time you leave them to wander alone (while you’re secretly watching them, of course) around the neighbourhood exploring what is out there. Yes, your children are growing up and as much as this breaks your heart, it is simply unreasonable to not let them engage in games outside the house. You need to catch up with their fast development and growth and try to be included in every step of the way. It is a lot more fun that way. And while, at that stage, your role is to make sure your kids go outside and stay safe there. One amazing thing you can do about it is to get them roller sneakers. Relatively safe and fun, your kids are going to love them so much!


There is a surprisingly vast offer of roller sneakers on both online and offline markets, and choosing the right one for your kids can be a rather tough decision to make. Heelys are by far the most popular and most reliable brand of roller sneakers, and as a matter of fact, they are so popular that people often refer to all types of roller sneakers as heelys. The suggestion I can give you is to team up with your kids; they can choose the design and colour they love the most and will be even more happy when they get them. And if you want to surprise them, then this simple guide can help you choose the best ones.

1. The right size

You want your kids to feel comfortable while wearing their Heelys roller sneakers. That does not mean that you cannot shop online; you can easily measure your kids feet, contact the retailer’s customs service and ask if they can help you choose the right size model for those measurements. Every problem has a solution, so do not panic, you can definitely get them the right size.

2. Quality

While talking about the quality of roller sneakers, the thing we refer to is soles wear. Mainly, the soles of every sneaker wear out eventually from much friction and dragging. Now, Heelys roller sneakers have durable soles made of a quality material that does not wear out that easy. The wheels, however, can wear out to some extend, but do not worry, you can always replace them.

3. Convenience

Heelys roller sneakers are amazing for kids because they have no removable parts that can be lost or removed. The wheels, the plug and wrench of Heelys roller sneakers cannot be taken off; you can always replace the wheels if you need to, but there is no need to take them off. These roller sneakers are 2 in 1: sneakers and rollers, as their name suggests of course.

4. Price

I will not fool you about their price – Heelys are a bit costly. Clearance models start from $35 and having in mind that you can find other roller brands for $20 a pair, you may start to doubt. Just have in mind the old saying: nothing worth having comes at a low price.

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