What are the Different Types of Kitchen Taps

No matter how large or small, no home is complete without a kitchen. In fact, interior designers state that the kitchen is the most important part of a home, so homeowner should pay great attention when designing it. In the past, it was more common for kitchens to be rather small and contain only the necessary cooking items. Nowadays, kitchens are usually more spacious and equipped with a range of new and useful kitchen units. In addition to that change, another noticeable and important change is tat today’s kitchen taps and faucets are nothing like the ones in the past. They are stylish yet simple, elegant yet practical and available in many types and forms.

kitchen mixer tap2

Pillar Taps

Pillar taps are pretty popular all around the world, but they are mainly used in utility sinks. This type features individual taps that can control the flow of water with their own valves. One must keep in mind that they can fit only in basins and bath that have two tap holes, where one is for hot and the other for cold water.

Note: They are also used for those kitchens or baths where the hot water pressure is pretty low and the mixing with cold water is almost impossible.

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MonoBloc Mixer

The monobloc mixers are the most common type of kitchen sink mixer as are available for both high and low-pressure systems. Usually, they have a standard 35mm hole for the sink, however, this ranges from brand to brand. Another beneficial thing about this kitchen tap is that can also be placed directly onto a worktop.

Pull Out Kitchen Taps

Without any doubt, this type has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. Generally speaking, pull out kitchen taps have been mainly used in commercial kitchens, but thanks to their sleek and appealing look, they have become one of the most sought after ones among homeowners all around the world. The most important thing one should know before making any decision is that these fancy taps require high water pressure in order to function perfectly. Although there are some models that can work with water pressure around 0.5 bar, manufacturers state that the minimum pressure should be 1.0 bar. Otherwise, the user is risking having low spray pressure which can be quite annoying. The water and temperature level of these taps can be adjusted with the help of a handle that is usually placed at the bottom of the tap.

Note: These spray pull-out mixers come in a range of finishes, sizes and heights, which can be quite convenient.

  • Wall-mounted Taps

The wall-mounted taps are also common, especially in kitchens with smaller sinks. Since they are mounted on the wall, it makes the sink area uncluttered.

  • Motion Detection

These kitchen taps and mixers are pretty new and they work by simply placing your hand over a sensor so the water could start running. Just like the other types of taps, the water and temperature level can be adjusted with the help of a lever at the base.

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