Exploring the Features of the Most Effective 3 Phase Power Quality Analyzers

The heavy industries have been using 3 phase power for a very long time now – it is the core part of every big production facility. And since a lot of power is needed to run these facilities, it is is important that there are certain regulations and regular check-ups of the machinery that uses it. This is where power quality analyzers come in helpful – with their unique features, these small devices allow the user to capture an array of parameters. Here are the 3 most advanced analyzers you can buy in 2019.

Kyoritsu 6315

Kyoritsu 6315
The Kyoritsu 6315 is a fully-featured analyser which is capable of measuring and recording apparent energy, phase angle, harmonics, active, apparent and reactive power, also active, reactive and apparent energy, inrush current, power factor and swells, dips and interactions. This 3 phase quality analyzer can also measure and record overvoltages, capacitance calculations for power factor correction units and transients. Its current goes up to 3000A and the frequency of the device ranges from 40Hz to 70Hz with RMS voltage going up to 1000V. It has a colour TFT display with a built-in print screen function and a function to define the size of the capacitor banks for the power factor correction unit.

The Kyoritsu 6315 has a digital output function and remote monitoring available from an Android device or your PC and it also comes with support for functions like quick start guide, sensor detection, and wiring check. Furthermore, you can choose whether the results are displayed in the form of a graph or as a list. You can adjust the interval periods starting from 1 second and up to 2 hours in several steps, and you can also have the waveform display with on-screen selectable scales.

HT Italia VEGA 78

HT Italia VEGA 78

This 3 phase quality analyzer is also capable of measuring various electrical parameters in single-phase systems. Like the Kyuritsu, it has a colour TFT display which in this case, you can use as a touch screen and a virtual keyboard. It can also be used with a flash drive and it comes with a Windows-based software for further analysis.

The VEGA 78 can show measurement results in real-time for voltage, active/ reactive/ apparent power, current and power factor and it can have a maximum of 251 selected parameters at a time. It has predefined recordings of certain parameters whilst being capable of harmonic analysis of both voltage and current up to the 49th component. This device can provide you with helpful information based on what you are seeing on the screen by just tapping on it.

AEMC 8336 Powerpad III

AEMC 8336

The Powerpad II has the same frequency range as the Kyoritsu but the Powerpad II is also capable of capturing 210 transient occurrences on both the A and V inputs. It can record, time stamp and characterize disturbances such as the exceedance of power and harmonic thresholds, swells, interruptions and sages. This 3 phase quality analyzer can measure energy in VARh, VAh and Wh whilst it is capable of measuring up to 5000ADC with the current AC/DC J93 Probe Model.

It can measure TRMS currents up to 10kArms and TRMS voltages (sensor dependent) with up to 1000Vrms (AC/DC) for two, three, four and five-wire systems. It also comes with its own software (DataView) that allows you to generate reports in real-time with the device being able to sample a 65ยต/s transient recording and determine harmonic problems which have originated either from the source or load.

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