Available Electrical Equipment Online – Part 2

Continuing from part 1…

Power Inverters – Power inverters are devices that are widely used and are available online. They convert DC, a power that comes from car batteries, to AC, a power that flows in both directions. Whether in a home, car or SUV, power inverters allow the electronic devices or equipment to get the required power. The power inverters can be powered by either 12V or 24V and can be recharged by the car engine, solar panels, gas generators or similar power sources. Static power inverters are most used electrical equipment, as they have no moving parts and can be used in many different applications, from small to large electric applications, although more suitable for bigger electrical home or facility systems.


Electrical Transformers – Electrical transformers are electrical devices that transform one voltage into another. They work with the electric current that flows in both directions, AC, and are essential electrical equipment in distribution of the electric power. This electrical equipment not only transmits electricity, but also raises the voltage of the generated electricity from the power plant. Consisted of two insulated wires around an iron core, the electrical transformers are installed in many homes to raise or lower the current voltage of some electrical devices. Their varying magnetic fields produce AC in the second coil, which is connected to a separate electric circuit. The electrical transformers do not operate with DC.

Uninterrupted Power Supply – The uninterrupted power supply is a device that keeps the industrial electrical equipment and systems running in case of power outage. It prevents damages and provides continual operation of the industrial electrical equipment and systems in homes and facilities. This electrical equipment saves initial and maintenance costs of other electrical equipment. Uninterrupted power supply can be purchased online.

Circuit Breakers – Circuit breakers are the most important devices in homes, as they protect the electrical circuit from damages of overloading. Their basic use is to detect a poor condition and stop the current flow. Circuit breakers are installed in every building as without them, the risks of possible fire are greater. Although they vary in size and type, all circuit breakers have common features and same operation.

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