Different Types Of Crane Attachments Available Online

The crane is a lifting machine that has a vital role in moving heavy types of materials. It uses a pulley, cable system and few crane lifting attachments to create a mechanical advantage which enables it to lift extremely heavy loads. As it has enough power to move heavy loads upward, horizontally and downwards, it is the central component of many construction operations. In fact, the importance of cranes in construction industry is huge, as they make working with heavy machinery and materials easy.


Cranes can be operated only by a trained and qualified person. The operator needs to be familiar with every crane part and how each works, and have a basic understanding of the most common crane attachments. There are many different types of crane attachments and today, most are available online. To ensure a proper operation of your lifting operations, it is important tho have few crane attachments. Here are some crane lifting attachments available online.

Spreader Beam

The spreader beam, also known as a lifting beam, is a type of lifting device mounted below the hook of cranes and it ensures a safe, simple and durable lifting operation. It is one of the most common crane lifting attachments and acts as a crosspiece for spacing the hook that holds round-shaped loads. This crane attachment is also capable of handling both unbalanced and wide loads.

Load Indicator

The load indicator is a crane attachment which helps crane operators check the angle and the weight of the load. It is usually mounted on mobile cranes and alerts the operator when the operating weight range is exceeded. The load indicator consists of a microprocessor and several sensors mounted all around the crane.

Snatch Block

The snatch block is a specific crane attachment that increases the load pulling capacity of the winch. It is very important component as it allows the crane operators to double the lifting capacity of the crane in the most effective way possible. Whether a single or multiple snatch blocks, the load capacity of the crane will be maximized, but only if used correctly. Incorrectly used snatch blocks can damage the block assembly which can result in expensive repairs.

Wallboard Fork

This crane attachment provides a safer transport of construction materials. The rotator, hoses and link to the crane come in one package, and can be easy mounted on any type of crane. It is one of those crane attachments that improve the versatility and flexibility of the crane.

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