Popular Ute Cranes Available Online

Ute cranes are most efficient for smaller applications that do not require large lifting capacity. They are ideal for farmers, delivery drivers and tradesmen, as they are portable and very efficient. Ute cranes are very compact and can easily be integrated into a deck of a truck, yet have a high power-to-weight ratio. They are capable of lifting up to 500 kg. A ute crane is one of the most payload-efficient and material-handling piece of equipment available on the market. It is also quick and easy to set up and easy and simple to operate.


Install a lightweight and portable ute crane on your utility truck for easy and quick lifting, loading and unloading of heavy items on and off your vehicle. Why bust your back lifting a generator onto your vehicle when you can easily hoist it up with a ute crane, specially designed for the vehicles with enclosed side bodies. Made from structural aluminum and weighting only 4kgs, the height adjustable ute crane is simply bolted inside the tray area of a vehicle. In seconds ute crane can be unfolded and assembled and ready to be inserted into the ute bed mount ready for lifting. When not in use, the 12kgs crane jib can be simply removed for storage. Crane and mount are made from structural aluminum, anodized for maximum corrosion resistance.

Ute cranes are available with or without a mounting frame and stabilizers. Also, when it comes to stabilizers, ute cranes come with whether hydraulic or manual stabilizers. All ute cranes models can be installed on different types of utility beds and in workshops and are perfect for lifting barrels, small engines, small boats, etc. In fact, a ute crane can be installed just about anywhere and what’s more, one ute crane can be mounted multiple times on multiple bed mounts. Most ute cranes have hexagonal fixed boom, which gives less friction, additional strength and can rotate for 360ยบ.

Budged priced, but featuring great lifting of lighter loads, the ute cranes are widely available online and can be purchased from anywhere around the world (thanks to the Internet). Whether hydraulic or electric, a ute crane is an investment that can save time, money and space. Thus, if you are looking for a reliable supplier of ute cranes, consider Machines4u, the biggest online market in Australia. Machines4u is a reputable supplier that offers a wide range of ute cranes at affordable prices.


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